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We reduce stress and increase safety through ESD. For Ukrainians and not only

Association A.L.E.G. continues to provide support to women, children and young people affected by the war in Ukraine who benefit from temporary protection in Sibiu, but also to those still in Ukraine, through empowerment through self-defense (ESD – empowerment through self-defense) courses, which prove their effectiveness in the development of effective techniques to prevent violence in individual contexts, increasing the feeling of safety. Being a combination of physical activities and situational analysis, the courses also help in reducing stress, anxiety by providing positive social interaction in the group of learners. The trainings are coordinated by Tetiana Kolot, a refugee from Odessa who collaborates with A.L.E.G. since April 2022. In Sibiu, they are hosted by Sala Transilvania, where starting this year Tatiana will also hold ESD courses in English.

In 2023, Tetiana managed to hold courses for 580 people, of which over 450 were children and teenagers (the courses for children were held last year at the Ukrainian School in Gușterita). Most of the participants were people from the Ukrainian community settled in Sibiu, but recently Tatiana started holding classes for young people from Sibiu. Tatiana traveled for classes even to Odessa, her hometown, where she worked with women involved in supporting the Ukrainian resistance (psychologists, firefighters, etc.). Also with the support of A.L.E.G., Tatiana held ESD courses in Poland for members of the ASTRA NGO network, for reproductive health.     

In May 2022, A.L.E.G. supported Tetiana Kolot to become certified as an ESD trainer through a course in Prague. Tatiana later received a lot of support from the ESD community in Romania and Europe so that she could start working with refugee children, adolescents and women, and currently, she has experience working with international groups. In the summer of 2023, Tetiana obtained a scholarship for an advanced ESD program in the United States of America from where she returned with new knowledge. The empowerment-based self-defense model includes physical and verbal self-defense techniques, quick assessment skills, risk awareness, and self-assertion practices. Activities include discussions about the prevention of harassment, bullying and other types of violence, as well as practicing constructive reactions in borderline situations.

Also, starting in July 2022, when A.L.E.G. facilitated Tetiana’s certification as a trainer in the ESD (Empowerment Through Self-defense) method, she supports regular training for women, youth and children. ESD classes are held weekly for both the Ukrainian and local communities. For more details, send us a message at contact@aleg-romania.eu