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JOY - Journal of YOUth

JOY – Journal of YOUth

EN (UA нижче) We want to introduce you to JOY - Journal of YOUth - an extraordinary tool for personal exploration and development. What is JOY? In a world where diversity is our common wealth, JOY is not …

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The link between money and domestic violence

EN (UA): We don't often make a direct connection between money and domestic violence, but financial education can play a powerful role in a survivor's story and help her get out of an abusive relationship, or it …

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Benefits of gender equality in education

As we address the benefits of gender equality in education with educators and primary school teachers and discuss the obstacles, we realize that gender stereotypes are demonstrated day by day for our children by the very way women and men are represented in the education system. In Romania, 75% of education staff is female and the …

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Who is Afraid of Gender Equality and...

In many countries in Europe and Central Asia, gender equality policies are hindered by initiatives that mislead people into blaming equal rights activism for the destruction of the family. For instance in Romania, a recent petition signed by parents and religious organizations asked Ministry of Education to ban all educational material on gender equality. In …

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