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In order to overcome violence, women and children who witness abuse need support, sometimes in the long run. The blue room of the A.L.E.G. Counseling Center listens to every story without blaming it and offers what women often find nowhere else: the confidence that they can succeed. All this in a confidential manner. Legal assistance, including follow-up, is often essential. Help us help!

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Asociația pentru Libertate și Egalitate de Gen – A.L.E.G.

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    A life without violence

    “My story doesn’t have a successful ending yet. I’m on my way, but I’ll make it. I know that. I’m still married to my husband, who at one point was very violent: verbally on the agenda, but then the fights started. Step by step. He knows how to leave a mark. At one point, I decided it was time to divorce, but it seemed so unreal. What good is marriage if I can’t support my family?! I remember the children, the idea of ​​family, the idea of ​​social status, I don’t know. I’m afraid to say anything to anyone, because at one point I was really in love with him. What will I do next on my own?”

    Feelings of love do not go away when the relationship becomes abusive, but it is important that every woman finds her way out before it is too late. This road can be a long one, with ups and downs, paved with loneliness. But in Camelia’s case, the story changed when she called our counseling center. She met other women with similar life stories. With the support of the psychotherapists in our team, she understood that violence is always the fault of the aggressor and that she has the power to decide what happens to her life in the future. She is now convinced that she herself is a survivor.

    Get involved

    • Asset 1

      For companies

      It’s easy to help! Direct 20% of your income tax and support A.L.E.G. Download the model contract below, fill it in with your details and send it to contact@aleg-romania.eu and that’s how we can do well together!

    • Asset 2

      Giveaway your birthday gifts

      Do you want to do well and you don’t know where to start? For your birthday you can pass on the hope and love you receive to the less fortunate. This year, invite your closest friends and family members to donate to our cause instead of buying you flowers and gifts. Together we can contribute to a safer world for women and children, a world free of violence.

      giveaway your birthday
    • Asset 3

      Be a volunteer

      Tell us a few words about yourself, why you want to volunteer and how you think you can help us, by sending a message to contact@aleg-romania.eu  and you are part of the team!

    • Asset 4

      Support local businesses

      Pur.clothing launched DECISION, including a series of articles on consent, women’s safety and the importance of the power to say YES or NO. 10% of the sales received help us to say #ȘiEuReușesc (I too can do it). Find out more details here.

      NALU donates 10% of the value of each gift card. Choose the underwear that represents you, because when you buy quality products you end up spending less in the long run. In addition, they recently launched the HERE FOR ME bundle, made in collaboration with POM – Port Originea cu Mine, also to support our projects.

      It is important to take care of ourselves so that we can live life to the fullest, but also to be able to be there when others need our support. Andrea Szanto has launched the SELF CARE CLUB collection, which encourages us to be better with ourselves every day. By purchasing the products here, you support our projects.