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To help effectively you need well-trained specialists up to date with the latest trends in the field. Until now, we have trained over 1 000 psychologists, social workers, police officers and teachers in the field of gender violence. We want to support the training of professionals with a role in intervention and that is why we organize:

  • Asset 1

    Courses addressed to psychologists and psychotherapists with accreditation from COPSI (Colegiul Psihologilor din România)

    With an experience of over 15 years working in the counseling center for victims of violence and as initiators of the national program #ȘiEuReușesc – from victim to survivors, we invite specialists with a role in intervention to the ongoing training program to respond to the most frequently asked questions about domestic violence and what effective help means.

    We organize the Continuing Vocational Training Program: Interventions with impact in domestic violence, accredited by the Colegiul Psihologilor din România (COPSI) with 15 credits and is addressed to psychologists in the clinical, educational, psychotherapists, counselors. The program is structured on 3 specific modules with a duration of 15 hours, accessible through the ZOOM platform. In order to participate, a fee is paid based on which an invoice is issued. Participants benefit from the course support in electronic format, but also from other resources, free of charge. Other interested specialists can participate in the program, but without receiving credits.

    The program is organized when the minimum number of 12 people enrolled is reached. If you are interested in this course, please send us an email at contact@aleg-romania.eu

  • Asset 17

    Organizational development workshops and consultancy in the integration of gender equality policies at the level of NGOs and companies

    How can we contribute to a safer world for each of us? We offer consultancy to companies that know the power of internal strategies and policies that promote gender equality. We help in the implementation of new internal regulations, we organize information and planning sessions addressed to people in management positions but also to the employees, all to prevent and combat gender inequalities in the workplace.

    At the same time, we believe in NGOs that solve problems where the state does not intervene. We organize information sessions for employees or training sessions for specialists with a role in intervention in the field of domestic violence. We help establish safe and effective work processes for working with victims of violence. We support the promotion of gender equality among the organization’s target audience and create impactful messages that integrate these principles into the organization’s business.

  • sas1

    Training: Gender Equality, Domestic Violence Prevention, Workplace Harassment Prevention, Healthy Relationships, How to Help a Victim Win

    Our trainers use interactive methods in the field of non-formal education and are accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. Through training we create a context of learning and personal development, approaching complicated topics in an interactive and friendly way. Topics we address are: gender equality, healthy relationships in the workplace and in private life, prevention of harassment in the workplace, and reporting mechanisms. We organize workshops for parents and educators on topics related to healthy relationship boundaries but also on other topics of common agreed interest.

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