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The draft law for the ratification of C190 has been sent for approval

Ratification of the Convention of the International Labor Organization no. 190 on the Elimination of Harassment and Violence in the World of Work (C190) was discussed on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, within the Romanian Government. At the invitation of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, and through the efforts of Victoria Stoiciu, State Counselor, the meeting was attended by the Minister of Labour and Social Solidarity, Simona Bucura Oprescu, and the Minister of Family, Youth, and Equal Opportunities, Natalia-Elena Intotero, as well as the Secretary of State of the National Agency for Equal Opportunities (ANES), Luminița Popescu, along with representatives of civil society, NGOs, labor unions, and academic professionals. Both ministries announced at the meeting that the bill to ratify C190 was sent for inter-agency approval this week.

More than two years after the launch of the “Employers for Respect” campaign to ratify C190, discussions focused on what steps need to be taken to ratify the Convention and harmonize laws, public policies and practices to C190 standards.

During the meeting, the president of A.L.E.G. emphasized the importance of implementing IOM Recommendation no. 206, which accompanies C190 and provides a number of essential measures, such as: specialized training of labor inspectors and magistrates, systematic and disaggregated data collection, information campaigns for workers on their rights, recognition of the effects of domestic violence on the world of work by introducing paid leave for victims of domestic violence and identification of work sectors and categories of workers with increased risk of harassment, such as migrant workers, whose number has increased by four in the last two years.

„ We welcome the fact that the C190 ratification draft law has begun its inter-institutional approval process. Harassment in the world of work is so normalized in some work environments that tolerating abusive or degrading behavior is often perceived as part of the ‘job description’. By ratifying C190, the Romanian state would send a strong signal that this is not acceptable; that employers must take seriously their responsibility to ensure safe and healthy working environments – for all workers, including migrant workers, those in the informal economy, volunteers, trainees and apprentices; and that victims of harassment will find the necessary justice and remedies when they complain about such conduct at ITM or in court. We welcome the Government’s increased interest in eliminating violence and harassment in the world of work and express our hope that following the discussions the necessary steps will be taken to implement reforms so that workers benefit from protection and respect for their rights”, said Georgiana Epure, President of the A.L.E.G. Association.