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Open letter for urgent implementation of the strategic initiatives assumed by the Government to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence


Letter to Romanian government To the attention of: Prime Minister Dacian Cioloș, Minister of Labor Dragoș Pîslaru, Minister of Justice Raluca Prună, Minister of Internal Affairs Petre Tobă, Minister of Public Finances Anca Daragiu, Minister of Health Vlad Voiculescu, Minister of Education Adrian Curaj, The Network for Preventing and Combating Violence against Women, the Coalition for Gender Equality and the Network Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence are hereby making… read more

Step up! Campaign- “Step up investments in specialised services to support survivors”

Campania Step UP - PASI INAINTE

While 1 in 3 women in Europe experiences physical or sexual violence, the states women pay taxes to continue to ensure little or no access to specialised support services. Only 15 out of 46 European countries provide a specialised helpline and more than 47,000 women’s shelter places are missing in Europe. Support centres for rape and sexual assault are not available. Discrimination hinders most vulnerable women from accessing support! “There… read more

If I Can Run You Can Support Me. And Togher We Unlearn Violence. At Sibiu Half Marathon.

Sibiu_Romania_highschool_by A.L.E.G.

This year in the Sibiu Half Marathon A.L.E.G. raises funds for the prevention of violence. „Unlearning violence” is the cause that you can donate for in order to bring hischschoolers educational sessions and manuals promoting healthy relationship patterns. Clik here to show your support. In schools, on the street, in placement centers and even in some families, children and youth continue to get the message that forcing others a ainst… read more

„My Body My Own” Caravan- Project Outcomes in Brief

Project Outcomes in Brief In the timeframe  1 Nov. 2014- 14 Nov. 2015, the Caravan „My Body My Own” reached 902 students from 11 different urban and rural communities at risk of violence from Sibiu, Mureș, Brașov and Vrancea counties, during 17 educational sessions for prevention of sexual violence which included screening of the educational film My Body My Own. In each local community the caravan organized meetings for local… read more

Candle-light vigil „The Silent Witnesses Speak”


On the 25th of November, the International Day on Combating Violence Against Women, we invite you to join the candle-light vigil „The Silent Witnesses Speak” organized every year by the Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender – A.L.E.G.. The vigil will take place in Sibiu on the pedestrian area Str. Nicolae Bălcescu (the fountain area) between 4-7 pm. Figures that speak for a change: 24% of women in Romania… read more

Five Reasons Not to Miss the Gender Equality Festival in Sibiu

afis web-01

The Gender Equality Festival is not just one of many festivals: it is unique, educational, non-formal and promotes social change for women, men, children and most of all youth. Come and find out what would take for Sibiu to become a more “gender-friendly” city! Here are five events which highly recommend our Festival. Newspaper Theatre: Debate and Role-play starting from newspapers This summer, many of us have followed the rape… read more

Gender Equality Festival in Sibiu, one gender friendly city

afis web-01

Sibiu is known as a city of festivals. While most festivals have a cultural or a commercial purpose,  Gender Equality Festival has a special character as an educational festival, which promotes social change. The main goal is in developing new attitudes and behaviors, especially among young people. Our activities are based on non-formal education methods and the entry is free. This year’s theme is “Sibiu – one gender-friendly city” The… read more

SUPPORT our Counseling Center for Victims of sexual violence at the 2015 Sibiu Half Marathon


The project ensures a service that is unique in Romania: free psychological and legal assistance, including court representation for people who went through a form of sexual violence. Most sexual violence victims do not talk to anyone about what happened to them and it is very rarely that they get help because of shame and self-blaming. Those who do decide to file a complaint go through re-traumatizing experiences and need… read more

Sexual Violence – Away From Silence Towards Safety and Services

afis 21 - Copy

Although 4 out of 20 women in Romania were subject to a form of sexual violence, the issue is still invisible at policy level when it comes to access to justice and services for survivors, and linked to serious impunity for perpetrators. To break away from this silence awarness is needed at all  levels, and work needs to be done from top- down – to design survivor oriented policies, as… read more

Emergency Protection Orders

ordin protectie de urgenta_imgine

The most important provision for the safety of women in cases of domestic violence, the protection order, was introduced in March 2012. The law stipulates that in emergency cases, the order can be issued within a day. However, in reality the shortest timeframe needed for a judge in Romania to issuee  this order has been 21 day. During this time the women are at great risk of being terrorized. beaten… read more