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The Gender Equality Festival , 21st-23rd September 2017

The Gender Equality Festival comes back on the 21st-23rd of September with an anniversary edition, the 12th edition!
The festival was the launching event of the Association of Liberty and Gender Equality – A.L.E.G. back in 2004 and since then it has remained one of the yearly recurring activities through which A.L.E.G. promotes in Sibiu’s community, especially among young persons, European values such as: equality between women and men, respect in relationships, tolerance and non-violence.

Colaj FEG
We are different but equal”, “I will never be anybody’s victim” were the messages created by the letter-volunteers, becoming a symbol of the festival. This year, taking into account the fact that we are witnessing an increase in violence and hatred, the festival marks The International Peace Day alongside the Women Against Violence Europe – WAVE Network and it will approach especially the issue of peace – at home and in the world – “until there will be peace for every woman”.
The Gender Equality Festival is a campaign which encourages young persons to think „outside the box”, the TV-box or the mart-phone-box, to be able to identify the stereotypes which lead to violence and gender discrimination. We do this through social theater where spectators propose solutions, through film viewings and debating them and through street actions.
The program for this year includes on the 21st of September the Human Chain for Peace Day, on the 22nd the first projection of the most known movie from the ex-Yugoslavian space which tackles the topic of sexual abuse – “Have I told you I have been abused?” for which we have as a guest the founder of the Incest Trauma Center from Belgrade, Dušica Popadić and on the 23rd of September the campaign and the contest “In a Relationship”, in collaboration with AVON.
The detailed program can be accessed on the Facebook event here.
Details about A.L.E.G. you can find on www.aleg-romania.eu
The Gender Equality Festival, the XII-th edition is a project financed by the Local Council and Municipality of Sibiu through the Community Agenda.