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Sustainable development and Gender Equality

Between 30th and 9th of July, A.L.E.G. through Irina Costache participates at the working meetings of High Level Political Forum on imagine HLPFSustainable Development, an inter-governmental mechanism that will insure the monitoring and reporting on the implementation of development objectives for 2015-2030. The main priority for these discussions will be to ensure the meaningful participation of women and women’s rights organizations in the aftermath of 2015. At the end of the forum we hope to have had established a mechanism by which women’s rights organizations will be able to participate in program and policy evaluation regarding sustainable development.

 Recently the European Parliament adopted a decision that established 2015 as the European Year of Development ( EYD 2015). This decision aims to inform the european general public about the future agenda on sustainable development. This agenda has been drafted and debated over the past year at the UN with different stakeholder making their voiced heard during different fora and  work meetings. The EYD also aims to explain the responsabilities European Union member states have towards less developed and poorer parts of the work. As major donors, EU governments  aim to restore the historical debt these countries have in the degradation of the environment as well as towards poorer countries in the world.

During the european year of development we hope that A.L.E.G. will contribute with its own experience to information and education campaigns and in this way it will underline the link between gender equality and sustainable development, a crucial link for attainting inclusive and sustainable development goals.

 Through Astra Network and IWHC ( International Women’s Health Coalition) ALEG had the opportunity to participate in a series of regional and international consultations regarding the fundamental principles, objectives and priorities as well as to the means of implementation, monitoring and reporting mechanisms attached to the upcoming development agenda. At these meetings A.L.E.G. worked together with other women’s NGOs from around the globe  (through Women’s Major Group) trying to promote gender equality as a fundamental principle for sustainable development, ending violence and discrimination against women and girls, promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights and women’s participation in all levels of decision-making ( including in finance) as objectives in an inclusive development agenda.