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Child and Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Standards

Association A.L.E.G. is committed to maintaining a high degree of ethical conduct among our staff, employees, collaborators, members and board of directors, consultants, volunteers and others who work on our behalf.

As part of our zero tolerance policy towards any form of harassment, exploitation, abuse or harm caused by team members or as a result of the programs run, A.L.E.G. is committed to responding quickly and safely to suspicions/reports of inappropriate behaviour brought to our attention. Any inappropriate behaviour displayed by members of our team or any other person acting on behalf of the A.L.E.G or as a result of the implementation of our programs may be reported through the following confidential channels:

Phone: +40 753 893 531 (for phone calls, Whatsapp, text messages)

Email: sesizari@aleg-romania.eu

Find out more & download the policy here: ALEG_Child Safeguarding Policy_17.11.2023