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More than a festival

festivalul egalitatii de gen

Even though Sibiu is known for its many local and international festivals, the Gender Equality Festival is one of a kind. Those who didn’t have the chance to meet us by now should know that it’s more than a festival, it’s an experience that helps you grow.

By means of workshops like our Human Library, Forum Theater and film projections, participants have the chance to overcome their male and female stereotypes and to learn how to equally relate to one another.

We’re energizing the city streets, educating young people through interactive actions and we’re shedding some light on the stories that inspire us and provide hope for a better future with healthy, non violent relationships.

We bottled up all the energy, positive messages and entuziasm of the A.L.E.G. team and volunteers and we’re sending it to you via a special video that captures the most exciting moment of our Festival. Hit PLAY and see you there!

This year we partnered up with and are financed by #ÎNSTAREDEBINE – a program developed by the Foundation for the Civil Society’s Development – and the Sibiu Council and City Hall.