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Gender Equality Festival, the 15th edition

In 21-24 October, A.L.E.G. organizes the 15th edition of the Gender Equality Festival, an annual campaign that brings the community closer to a positive alternative to unequal power relations that cause injustice, abuse and discrimination. Gender equality is beneficial to the entire society: equal rights and responsible participation are advantageous not only for women, but for everyone. For this anniversary edition, A.L.E.G. aims to emphasize the problems faced by men and how gender equality can become an ally to solving them.

The Festival includes debates on emotion and anger management with highly regarded psychologists, such as Gáspár György and Raul Lupaș. „For more than 15 years, A.L.E.G. has been involved in preventing and combating domestic violence. We understand how destructive it is for women, for children who witness such acts, but also for the men who commit such actions, as they fall out with people close to them, feel lonely, compromise their health and develop dependencies. This year’s edition of the Festival aims to encourage more men to join prevention efforts: Violence is never a solution”, says Liviu Gaja, psychologist and vice-president of A.L.E.G.

This message is supported by artist Dan Perjovschi, who, alongside A.L.E.G. volunteers, have invited youngsters to creatively express their thoughts on the subject on Thursday, 22 October, starting 4 p.m., at the wall of the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre in Sibiu. On 24 October, Dragoș Pătraru, anchor of the TV show Starea Nației, will host a live debate entitled “Equal rights: Win vs. Lose for Men”. Women’s emancipation may mean that men share decision-making, but they also share the weight of responsibility. When he no longer is the main source of income in a couple, how does a man’s life change and, most especially, how does he weigh his success? How can we raise boys who grow into fulfilled adults who don’t feel the need to resort to the affective anaesthesia provided by drugs or alcohol or other compulsive behaviours?

On 23 October, during the Online Living Library, you will be able to talk to both inspiring couples who support each other, and to inspiring men who find their balance and value outside the narrow idea that “you either wear the pants, or are hen-pecked”. What does it mean to meet halfway from the viewpoint of those who do so day after day? How do men who reject the pressure to never show vulnerability feel? Or for those who belong to minority groups? To register for this workshop, click here to access the Facebook page of the Gender Equality Festival.