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Gender Equality Festival – Sibiu – one gender-friendly city

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Sibiu is known as a city of festivals. While most festivals have a cultural or a commercial purpose,  Gender Equality Festival has a special character as an educational festival, which promotes social change. The main goal is in developing new attitudes and behaviors, especially among young people. Our activities are based on non-formal education methods and the entry is free. This year’s theme is “Sibiu – one gender-friendly city”
The Gender Equality Festival is an awareness campaign organized annually by A.L.E.G. This year we draw attention to gender violence, caused by our prejudices and stereotypes because we learned to see the world this way.  We suggest to look at every situation through this gender glasses (with the two lenses, one pink and one blue which added together can help us see the whole picture in our everyday life) . A woman is more than a skirt as a man is more than his force, and gender equality is a better perspective then feminism.
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Feminism is the movement which emancipates men and includes a simple equation that does not seek reversal of the power balance, but an equilibrium between forces.  And to reach this balance we need men who can’t find justification for violence produced by other men against women and instead we are looking for men who raise their children with the message that real men do not abuse and never find justifications for abuse. A.L.E.G. calls upon the citizens of Sibiu and its partners to change perceptions within the Gender Equality Festival, showing that Sibiu is a gender friendly city that can break the patterns that can emerge from gender violence by interacting in peer.
Our festival is co-financed by the City Council and the Municipality of Sibiu Sibiu, Global Fund for Women and the European Union through the support of the Association Daphne. We want to thank  Ille et Vilaine Sibiu, Habitus Library, Israel Embassy in Romania, Geea Caffe, Erasmus Library, Atrium Cafe, Bistro & Art. Media partner: Days and Nights. Sponsor: Simpa