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Gathering moments from the 13th Edition of the Gender Equality Festival


festivalul egalitatii de gen

After a month from the final activities of the 13th Edition of the Gender Equality Festival, we’re still getting praises and positive feedback from the people that attended the festival, as guests, volunteers or participants.

We’re glad our message reached so many people and that each age category we addressed – kids, teens, parents – had a different perspective on our activities.  Moreover, they kept the principles close at heart and started to apply the lessons on gender equality in their daily interactions (with their friends, in their relationships, within their family or school).

We’re currently collecting moments, evaluating & learning our lessons so that next year we can prepare even more surprises for you and continue the education disguised as fun, by means of the informal activities that have become all time favorites among our volunteers.

This year’s theme was about bridging the “communication gap between generations”. By means of different awareness activities, the participants learned how to recognize the gender stereotypes passed down from generations, to see the contrast between genders as individual characteristics rather that superiority traits one sex has over the other.

Why this theme?

If time travel was possible, we’re sure each of us would be full of life changing advice about the things that matter the most. We think it’s of paramount importance to not hand down the same stereotypes that were our generation’s limiting beliefs.

„Impressive! Thanks for challenging some thought in me that would not have surfaced other wised. Great advice for our generation” – Cristina, participant

„Congratulations for everything, please don’t stop! I have students that are a part of your activities and they share the lessons with the rest of the class”.

“Wonderful! The most lively and interactive festival, that teaches people of all ages that the center of any relationship is communication. I’d extend this festival and make it nationwide”