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Sibiu Marathon 2018 – Running for ”I talk to my child about abuse”

Good news! Our project, I talk to my child about abuse, has been accepted to be one of the 25 causes that you can run for at 2018 Sibiu International Marathon!
Recent statistics show that, in Romania, 6 children are sexually abused every day. 1 in 6 boys and 1 in 4 girls will face some form of sexual abuse before the age of 18. Beyond stats, this is also confirmed by the from stories entrusted to us, between tears of frustration and helplessness, in A.L.E.G.’s “blue room”, where our psychological counselling sessions take place. Many parents showed their need to learn how to protect their children from sexual abuse and how to talk to them about these taboo topics.

And since it is a subject surrounded by silence, both at home, and at school, there is a series of wide-spread, very dangerous myths.
Myth 1. It cannot happen to my child2
Danger lies much closer than we think. Figures show that only 10% of sexual abusers are unknown, 23% are other children, while 67% of sexual abuses are perpetrated by somebody who has access to the child and who is wee-known to the little one. Abuse takes place in seemingly safe places. In most cases of abuse, children are under 5 years old.
Myth 2. Its better to stay away from this topic.
As it is a sensitive subject, parents avoid talking to their children about protecting their body. Out of shame, they fail to give them early sexual education. Others often say “it is too early”. It is important that we think about the consequences, the costs that our children will pay because of the lack of parental education.
Through our project, 180 parents and teachers in the municipality of Sibiu, as well as in towns and villages in the county of Sibiu will benefit from parental education sessions, held by experienced psychologists, who will help them acquire the necessary abilities to prevent sexual abuse on children and young people.It is best that parents and teacher make sure children get the right information, so that they do not become victims of sexual abuse. According to and old saying, „it takes a village to raise a child” – a community of responsible, attentive, and sympathetic people!
More information about our cause you can find here >  http://maratonsibiu.ro/en/i-talk-to-my-child-about-abuse-8264/
Do you want to be one of our heroes? You can register as a runner here > http://maratonsibiu.ro/inscriere-alergator/?cauza=36
Do you want to support a runner, so he can find the power to finish the race? You can register here: http://maratonsibiu.ro/inscriere-sustinator/?cauza=36Start înscrieri alergători/susținători la Maratonul Internațional Sibiu 2018!