Educational resources

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The projects we unfolded over time with the support of our partners led to the development of information and awareness-raising materials adapted to various categories of beneficiaries. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a police officer, a journalist or simply curious, you can access these for free.

Should you want to use our materials for teaching purposes, please send us a message at, and we will send you further details.

We organize and offer guidance to people who wish to develop educational session

A.L.E.G. has successful collaborations with various institutions, such as School Inspectorates, Child Protection and Social Care Services, Courts, Police Inspectorates, etc.

Together, we have developed materials and trained over 1,000 people throughout Romania on the topic of gender-based violence. If you want us to come to your school and talk to pupils or to hold a workshop for your work colleagues, send us a message at

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