The Roaring Voice of Silent Witnesses Can Be Heard Once More

on 2 December 2019

Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread violations of human rights, according to a study by WHO.

📌 Women’s right to safety, equality & a life without abuse is still a battle that needs to be tackled since the UN data sadly shows how 1 out of 3 women experience at least one episode of physical or sexual violence during their lifetime.

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Abrudean AlexandraThe Roaring Voice of Silent Witnesses Can Be Heard Once More

Women’s rights and anti-harassment policies in the workplace

on 5 November 2019

The Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender – A.L.E.G, called on public and private institutions to develop internal mechanisms to prevent and report sexual harassment at the workplace and, thus, securing a place in Sibiu’s Employers White Chart for Respect. The call was launched during the Employers for Respect conference, which took place on October 17th 2019.

“Through this White Chart, we want women to have a tool that can inform them about safe workplaces. One can be subjected to harassment anywhere. What is important is that employers take a strong stance against this phenomenon, rather than ignoring it. The White Chart is open to all employers from Sibiu and A.L.E.G. will offer free consultancy services for employers to develop relevant procedures to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace until January 2020”, declares Camelia Proca, the Association’s director.

The conference took place at Sibiu County Council, which is already working on an internal anti-harassment policy. 19 employers – including Sibiu city hall, hospitals and private companies – attended the event, which included both advocacy and educational sessions. The participants were introduced to the latest legal updates regarding gender equality in the workplace and the forms of harassment, and discussed a series of case studies. Mihaela Petian, the president of the Romanian Employers’ Union (Sibiu branch) welcomed this initiative: “By tackling this issue [sexual harassment in the workplace], by equipping employers with these important pieces of information, which can then be conveyed towards employees, hopefully this toxic phenomenon will be substantially reduced”.

According to the latest available research, in Romania, women under 30 years old are most affected by this form of harassment. The new methodological norms concerning the application of the law regarding equal opportunities and treatment among women and men oblige employers to develop internal policies to prevent and report sexual harassment. These norms also encourage employers to appoint one staff member to be responsible of gender equality issues in the workplace. A.L.E.G. has also launched a mobile exhibition about women’s rights in Romania, which employers can temporally host, for free, and use it as an informative tool for their employees, to find out more about the evolution of equality between men and women in Romania.

The Employers for Respect conference was organized as part of the 14th edition of the Gender Equality Festival. Under the motto “Feminism is for me too”, the Festival sought to show that when women and girls are safe and are treated fairly, they can reach their full potential and, thus, the entire society wins.

“Violence against women is an essential file that Romania has to close if it wants to become a modern society” and it is everyone’s business to stop tolerating violence, declared the poet Radu Vancu, as a conclusion of the “What men can do for women” panel discussion, which took place at Sibio café – a café that is openly against sexism, racism and xenophobia.

The Festival included other activities, such as a course about women’s rights and a presentation of the With and For Girls Awards. As a winner of the 2016 edition of the Awards, which celebrate civic activism with and for girls, A.L.E.G. organized this year the final selection of the 2019 winning organizations. The panel, which decides the winning organizations that will win awards between $5,000 and $50,000, was composed of five girls from Romania, which interviewed 10 shortlisted organizations from Europe and Central Asia. In this way, the organizers of the With and For Girls Awards are genuinely including girls in decision-making. The award ceremony will take place in the spring of 2020, in London.

The Festival ended at the Horizontal Newspaper (near the Radu Stanca National Theatre), where adolescents had the opportunity to create feminist messages, together with artist Dan Perjovschi. The Newspaper has now a new page, where pedestrians can read, among others: “19 hours” – a message referring to the long time that authorities needed to respond in the Alexandra Maceseanu case – and “No means no” – referring to the sexual violence and victim blaming.

The funds for the Festival were gathered through the Sibiu International Marathon, organized by Fundatia Comunitara Sibiu, with the support of over 100 runners and donors. For the advocacy events, the funds were covered by a Women Deliver Young Leaders grant. With and For Girls financed the activities dedicated to youth.


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Abrudean AlexandraWomen’s rights and anti-harassment policies in the workplace

Employers for Respect – Harassment-free Workplaces

on 9 October 2019

In Romania, 9 out of 10 people that have experienced harassment at the workplace are women, and the majority of them are under 30 years old. The latest updates in the legislation on equality of opportunity require employers to develop internal policies to prevent and report sexual harassment at the workplace.

On 17 October  2019, A.L.E.G. will organize the conference “Employers for respect – Anti-harassment Policies at the Workplace”. The event seeks to bring together employers from both the private and public sectors to discuss good practices on ensuring a healthy work environment, free of discrimination.

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Abrudean AlexandraEmployers for Respect – Harassment-free Workplaces

Domestic violence survivors help other women say I can do it too (#ȘiEuReușesc) – Survivors’ Forum (ii)

on 24 June 2019


“Brave together” is the belief that brought together the members of the Survivors’ Network in Bucharest, on the 7th of June,  at the second edition of the Survivors’ Forum, initiated by A.L.E.G as meeting place for women who have been through domestic violence and are now willing to support other women who are going through abusive relationships.

Together with our 50 participants, we traveled through the history of the year past since our last Forum to see how the Program #ȘiEuReușesc (I can do it too) developed and to remember the milestones in which we gave each other power and support. One of the women that was helped by the Survivors’ Network is Ioana, and the Forum was her first encounter with Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and the first time she stayed in a hotel. Ioana is from a rural area and she lived for 20 years with a severely violent husband. She heard of the Network last year and wrote asking for help to several survivors whom she had seen on television. A survivor from Brașov helped her leave with her four children to a shelter where she could stay for a few days to decide what to do next. At the Forum they told the story of this movie-like rescue mission. Ioana had then decided that she would feel safer in another city, so a survivor from Sibiu helped her move, find a job and even a school for her children.

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Abrudean AlexandraDomestic violence survivors help other women say I can do it too (#ȘiEuReușesc) – Survivors’ Forum (ii)

Who is Afraid of Gender Equality and What Does This Mean for Girls?

on 12 March 2019

In many countries in Europe and Central Asia, gender equality policies are hindered by initiatives that mislead people into blaming equal rights activism for the destruction of the family. For instance in Romania, a recent petition signed by parents and religious organizations asked Ministry of Education to ban all educational material on gender equality. In many countries like Bulgaria, the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, one of the strongest existing tools in fighting violence against women, is blocked because it refers to gender inequality as the root cause of violence. Measures for protecting women from violence are not improving undef the excuse of resisting “gender propaganda”.

Women’s rights are a recent achievement, not yet fully completed in many societies, and misleading messages emphasizing irrational fears can reinforce obstacles in women and girls’ rights, especially in communities where male-domination is still regarded as the norm. ‘In school, we learn very little about women’s accomplishments in any field – history, literature, science- as if they’ve been erased. We miss female role models and we miss information. For example, we didn’t know that Romanian women got the right to vote less than 100 years ago. We’ve learnt about this at a gender equality workshop organized by A.L.E.G.’, says Denisa, one of the girls on the project team at A.L.E.G.

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Abrudean AlexandraWho is Afraid of Gender Equality and What Does This Mean for Girls?

Dream Fighters! Download now this app and play with your friends!

on 10 January 2019

Have you ever had a dream about the perfect career? If yes, it means you have so many things in common with Chris, Ellen, Andy, Maria, the main characters from our new game Dream Fighters. They need your help now to get over any adversity they encounter during the decision making process to choose their career path!

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Abrudean AlexandraDream Fighters! Download now this app and play with your friends!

The Loud Message of the Silent Witnesses of Domestic Violence

on 1 November 2018

Ziua Internațională de Combatere a Violentei Împotriva FemeilorFor many Romanian women, domestic violence is more than a breaking news title, it’s the reality awaiting at home. The silence tied to this type of abuse often turns women into sad numbers of abuse victims that lose their lives or suffer without anybody knowing of it.

For the past 14 years, this harsh reality is the main driver for the Association for Gender Liberty and Equality – A.L.E.G – that is organizing a street event on 26 November called “The silent Witnesses’ Watch”.

From 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10 December, Human Rights Day, there are 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.  A.L.E.G. sends an open invitation to journalists, public institutions’ representatives and the large public to take part in a silent watch with a powerful sounding message that supports women’s right to a abuse-free life.

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Abrudean AlexandraThe Loud Message of the Silent Witnesses of Domestic Violence

Gathering moments from the 13th Edition of the Gender Equality Festival

on 31 October 2018


festivalul egalitatii de gen

After a month from the final activities of the 13th Edition of the Gender Equality Festival, we’re still getting praises and positive feedback from the people that attended the festival, as guests, volunteers or participants.

We’re glad our message reached so many people and that each age category we addressed – kids, teens, parents – had a different perspective on our activities.  Moreover, they kept the principles close at heart and started to apply the lessons on gender equality in their daily interactions (with their friends, in their relationships, within their family or school).

We’re currently collecting moments, evaluating & learning our lessons so that next year we can prepare even more surprises for you and continue the education disguised as fun, by means of the informal activities that have become all time favorites among our volunteers.

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Abrudean AlexandraGathering moments from the 13th Edition of the Gender Equality Festival

Gender Equality Festival, how was the 13th edition?

on 15 October 2018

It’s a wrap for the 13th Edition of the Gender Equality Festival held by A.L.E.G in Sibiu, between 11-13 October. The lively event bottled up the energy of more than 40 volunteers, gathered life lessons brought by notable guests like Romanian authors & feminists Andreea Paul & Mihaela Miroiu, international artists like Dan Perjovschi, and filled the city streets with both joyful and educational activities designed for a diverse audience that consisted of teachers and school councils, future journalists and high school students.

By means of theater plays, interactive workshops like the Human Library, the Festival challenged its participants to an open dialog about the“communication gap between generations” and transformed the fight against gender discrimination in a personal battle that belongs to each and everyone of us.

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cbuzeaGender Equality Festival, how was the 13th edition?

The Gender Equality Festival is back, don’t miss it! 11-13 October

on 15 September 2018

The Association of Liberty and Gender Equality – A.L.E.G. shatters gender stereotypes for the 13th year in a row through the Gender Equality Festival, taking place in Sibiu between 11-13 October.

This year’s theme is about bridging the “communication gap between generations” by which we intend to open taboo topics related to gender equality and change young people’s perceptions about them.

Stereotypes are deeply rooted ideas about the role man and woman have in today’s society and are passed on from one generation to another. By opening the dialog between generations we are making room from healthy non-violent relationships.
💬  Main goal: Educating teens on gender equality. Exchanging ideas and life lessons. Open minded conversations by means of out of the box environments and activities.

💬  Side effects: Reinterpretation of existing opinions, rethinking values and getting young people involved in turning gender equality from a battle to a reality. Easily identifying gender stereotypes and learning how to fight against them through zero tolerance attitudes towards violence.

💬  Surprising effects: Collective shout out to creativity and critical thinking. Teamwork and fun.

This year we partnered up with and are financed by #ÎNSTAREDEBINE – a program developed by the Foundation for the Civil Society’s Development – and co-financed by the Sibiu Council and City Hall.

The festival’s busy and interactive full agenda can be found here.

We’re starting with a movie projection of the “Have I told you I have been abused?” , an Yugoslavian title that promises an array of human emotions brought by the harsh reality of sexual abuse.

The newspaper theater held together with journalism students aims to make them aware of the consequences of their future articles and current mass media trending titles.

We’re meeting artist Dan Perjovschi at his wall to see how simple images carry powerful messages and visual stories come to life and we plan on having some fun with high school kids in a meme contest based on daily gender stereotypes. The festival also hosts a forum theater, a live library full of meaningful life lessons and a pantomime show. See you there!

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admin-alegThe Gender Equality Festival is back, don’t miss it! 11-13 October