Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence – conference

on 28 April 2015

Althouafis_A4_eng-01gh 4 out of 20 women in Romania were subject to a form of sexual violence, the issue is still invisible at policy level when it comes to access to justice and services for survivors, and linked to serious impunity for perpetrators. To break away from this silence awarness is needed at all  levels, and work needs to be done from top- down – to design survivor oriented policies, as well as at community level with specialized services and prevention campaigns. With funding support of EEA Grants, under the NGO Fund in Romania,  A.L.E.G. initiated two projects on sexual violence: a project developing the first network of NGOs on this topic, (Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence) and a project developing a pilot center offering support to survivors and educational  programs ( prevention) in local communities (My Body My Own). Both projects were developed and implemneted in partnership with Stigamot from Iceland, a feminist organization with over 25 years of experience in helping survivors.

Two important events were organized throughout 20-24th of April 2015 in the framework of these projects. One event took place in Bucharest as a public seminar where Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence Network launched a Call to Action signed by 15 NGOs and targetting the decision makers at national level. For the first time, members of Parliament and of the Government shared their own stories of abuse. Women’s rights  also NGOs received the draft law for the ratification of the Istanbul Convention as a sign of active support and committment on the behalf of decision-makers.20150421_100718(1)

Working on change at community level, a second event took place in Sibiu and gathered over 40 social service providers, police officers, teachers and councillors and offered practical workshops and case study work, in order to promote cross-sector cooperation and professional conduct that avoids re-victimization.

Change needs to start from how  prevention work on sexual violence is understood and designed and A.L.E.G and Stigamot propose to shift the focus more to boys and men. The amount of guilt we cast on the survivors is equal to the amount of tollerance we have for the perpetrators and itis this that keeps us from moving forward towards elimination of violence against women.

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Abrudean AlexandraBreaking the Silence on Sexual Violence – conference

The GEAR against IPV The GEAR against IPV approach (Gender Equality Awareness Raising against Intimate Partner Violence)

on 20 March 2015

gearThe GEAR against IPV

The GEAR against IPV approach (Gender Equality Awareness Raising against Intimate Partner Violence) is a coordinated action of primary and secondary prevention of Intimate Partner Violence in adolescents’ relationships through interventions in the school or in other settings, that are guided by specially designed educational material and are aimed at secondary school students’ awareness raising and empowerment by specially trained teachers.

The main aim is to promote the development of healthy and equal relationships between the sexes and the development of zero tolerance towards violence by raising teens’ awareness on:

a) the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships

b) the influence that gender stereotypical attitudes and socially imposed gender roles have on their relationships

c) how power inequality between the sexes is related to psychological, physical and/or sexual abuse against women/girls and

d)  how adolescents can contribute to the prevention of all forms of gender-based violence.

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Abrudean AlexandraThe GEAR against IPV The GEAR against IPV approach (Gender Equality Awareness Raising against Intimate Partner Violence)

B-SIDE:Barrier to Stop the In-door Domino Effect for children who witness domestic violence, 2014

on 13 March 2015

The project B-side, a barrier to stop the indoor domino effect for children who witness domestic violence (CWDV): experiences and guidelines sought the implementation of specific interventions for the recovery of the relationship between women victims of domestic violence and their children witnesses of this violence.

Project homepage:

The phenomenon of Children Witnessing Domestic Violence is classified among the forms of childhood abuse, and is part of the Istanbul Convention – which came into force in August 2014 and was signed by the Romanian government. However, its extent and effect is still highly underestimated, both from the point of view of social recognition, but also considering the need for an adequate response in terms of protection and care of children and their mothers, through appropriate laws and specific policies.

Objectives , comparing the experiences of different countries at European level, in order to:

– set up Recovery Programmes aimed at helping both mother and child to overcome the traumatic experience they have suffered, to rebuild their self-confidence as individuals and support the mother – child relationship as a family, in order for them to be able to face the reconstruction of their future in serenity;

– develop a single method to evaluate and monitor the impact on the beneficiaries involved in the different countries;

–  promote greater knowledge and awareness of the issue in public opinion and propose new intervention methods for public workers and those in the private social sector.

The project  gave the opportunity  to identify both intervention and evaluation methods which can be repeated in other European countries independently of the specific conditions existing in the different context. Each partner, through a blog-forum for workers in this sector (such as employees in the Juvenile Tribunals, social services, paediatricians, school teachers, anti-violence workers) and a similar one also for the wider public, can interact and share documents and considerations, allowing others to better understand the phenomenon and the problems associated with domestic violence against women and children, as well as possible tools which can be used to stop the transmission of the violence between generations.

Here you find the final pubblication Experiences-and-guidelines_a-barrier-to-stop-indoor-domino-effect-children-witness-domestic-violence where you can find the information and the activites implemented by the partners in all countries involved.

The B-SIDE Project was set up by the Pangea Foundation in partnership with other Italian and European associations: the Lilith Women’s Centre in Latina (Italy), the Association of Assistance for Sexually Abused and Gender Violence Victims A.D.A.V.A.S of Salamanca (Spain) of Salamanca (Spain), the Women’s Rights Association “NANE” in Budapest (Hungary); along with the participation as associate partner of the Association for Freedom and Equality of Sexes “A.L.E.G.” of Sibiu (Romania).

Project funded by the European Commission as part of the DAPHNE III Programme.

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Abrudean AlexandraB-SIDE:Barrier to Stop the In-door Domino Effect for children who witness domestic violence, 2014

Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence

on 24 August 2014

Why this project: The project “Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence” emerged from the need to have a more structured space to discuss sexual violence and ways to combat it among 9 NGOs promoting gender equality and advocating for ending violence against women. The idea behind of the project is to break through the taboos surrounding sexual violence in order to encourage victims to seek adequate help and report the crimes.

 A recent study of the Fundamental Rights Agency of the EU “ Violence against women: every day and in every place” shows that 6% of Romanian women have been at some point in their lives victims of sexual aggression.  Unfortunately only a small number of victims receive specialized assistance or report the crime. The difference between what authorities record and what the everyday experience of women when aggression and harassment is a routine event remains covered in silences, prejudice, shame and fear.  It is out of this need that this project steams from and which it aims to address.

Local Partners: Asociația Transcena, Institutul Est European pentru Sănătatea Reproducerii, Asociația Front, Centrul Parteneriat pentru Egalitate, Asociația E-Romnja, Societatea de Analize Feministe AnA, Centrul Filia, Asociația Artemis, Asociația A.L.E.G; collaborator: Sensiblu Foundation

International Partner: Stigamot Iceland

Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence benefits from the experience of a foreign partner whose collaboration we deem key for the development of the project. The Iceland partner organization Stigamot has been offering specialized counseling for victims of sexual violence and it has been representing victim’s interests for the past 23 years in Reykjavik. Stigamot will take part in two thematic meetings to share its experience concerning services for victims and advocacy campaigns.

 Funding SEE 2009-2014 grants, in the NGO Fund Romania. The total value of the project is 43,409 Euros

Duration: 15th of May 2014 – 15th of May 2015.

 Main objectives:

  • Strenghtening the capacities of the NGO network to integrate a gender perspective on sexual violance in the public agenda
  • Enhancing dialogue with other partners and agreeing common priorities during 7 thematic meetings; the agreeded priorities will be translated in 10 advocacy instruments ( 5 position papers and 5 factsheets); enhancing knowledge of sexual violence through the development of an online resource center.
  • Consolidating advocacy capacities of the network by promoting a common message through 5 local events and a public seminar at national level on sexual violence and priorities.
  • Extending the network with 5 additional organizations which work with beneficieries at risk of sexual victimization.


  • A series of 7 thematic meetings with network members ( July 2014 – April 2015); the last meeting to be followed by a public seminar.
  • An online resource center – to include information on services, examples of good practice, current studies and research as well as the network’s own advocacy documents. The target audience of the online resource center are professionals working with victims or with persons at risk of sexual victimization, decision-makers, mass-media, relevant universities.
  • A series of 5 public local events in Iasi, Târgu-Mureș, Sibiu, Cluj and Bucharest  promoting a common message and a call to action developed by the network.

 Calendar for thematic meetings:

 Meeting 1.   Sexual Violence from a gender perspective: approaches and risk groups- Date:  24 July 2014, Bucharest

 Meeting 2. Media Representations of Sexual Violence: issues and good practices- Date: 22nd August,  Bucharest

 Meeting 3. Good Practices in Providing Services for Victims-  Date: 17-18 September, Sibiu

 Meeting 4. Sexual Violence Against Adults, Sexual Violence Against Minors- Date: 17th of October, Bucharest

Meeting 5.  Agreeing Priorities and a Common Actions, Date: 10th of November, Bucharest

Meeting 6. Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence within Intimate Relationships,  Date:  15th of December, Bucharest

Meeting  7. Drafting a Call to Action on Sexual Violence

The contents of this website section do not necessarily represent the official position of the SEE 2009-2014 grants. The responsibility for the correctness and coherence of the information presented lies wholly with the website initiator.For official information regarding the SEE and Norwegian grants, access Project financed through the SEE 2009-2014 grants, in the NGO Fund for Romania.

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Abrudean AlexandraBreaking the Silence on Sexual Violence