GENDER-ED: Combatting gender stereotypes in education and career guidance

on 16 February 2017

Project code: JUST/2015/RGEN/AG/ROLE/9617

Implementation periode:  Jan. 2017- June 2019


  •  To address the stereotyping of educational and career choices and to promote gender equality in education, training and career guidance;
  • To attract women into male-dominated sectors or occupations, and conversely to attract men into female-dominated sectors or occupations;
  • To challenge stereotypical assumptions about the roles of women and men in the labour market, including in leadership positions, and to change behaviours and practices that hamper equality.
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Abrudean AlexandraGENDER-ED: Combatting gender stereotypes in education and career guidance

A.L.E.G recieves With and For Girls Award

on 17 October 2016

Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender (A.L.E.G.) is one of just 20 organisations from around the world to receive a With and For Girls Award this year. As part of the award package, ALEG will receive US$15,000 of flexible funding and capacity building support.

The With and For Girls Awards is a global initiative to identify and support strong local organisations working with and for girls.

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Abrudean AlexandraA.L.E.G recieves With and For Girls Award

Conference “Equality and Prevention of Gender Violence in Education”

on 1 October 2016

„In order to build healthy relationships, we need education closely connected to the problems in the lives of young people, and the involvement of schools is essential” – this is the conclusion of the Gender Equality Festival,  after 3 days dedicated to the prevention of gender-based violence by promoting equality between women and men.

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Abrudean AlexandraConference “Equality and Prevention of Gender Violence in Education”

Gender Equality Festival 2016, 14th-16th September

on 28 September 2016

Put on your gender glasses: the Gender Equality Festival begins on October 14th!

The Gender Equality Festival challenges you see the world through the pink and blue glasses. What if both women, and men tried to look at the world from the other gender’s perspective? Through theatre plays, film projections, workshops and competitions, the festival encourages young people to defy preconceptions about what is feminine and what is masculine, and learn to get involved in the prevention of gender discrimination and violence. A.L.E.G. has been organizing this event for over 10 years, allowing teenagers to come up with and implement activities targeting other youngsters. The project taking the form of a festival aims at offering teenagers access to education targeted at preventing couple violence and at promoting healthy relationships in which power is divided between the two.

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Abrudean AlexandraGender Equality Festival 2016, 14th-16th September


on 25 May 2016

While 1 in 3 women in Europe experiences physical or sexual violence, the states women pay taxes to continue to ensure little or no access to specialised support services. Only 15 out of 46 European countries provide a specialised helpline and more than 47,000 women’s shelter places are missing in Europe. Support centres for rape and sexual assault are not available. Discrimination hinders most vulnerable women from accessing support! “There is a serious underinvestment in specialised support services in many countries in Europe and as a consequence women have nowhere to turn for adequate help. We call on EU authorities, national governments and other interested parties in society to STEP UP investments to stop violence against women!“(Rosa Logar, WAVE president)

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Abrudean AlexandraStep-up!

One in Three: Support Our Services!

on 9 February 2016

Make a donation for Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender – A.L.E.G.!
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admin-alegOne in Three: Support Our Services!

(English) „My Body My Own” Caravan- Project Outcomes in Brief

on 27 January 2016

Project Outcomes in Brief

In the timeframe  1 Nov. 2014- 14 Nov. 2015, the Caravan „My Body My Own” reached 902 students from 11 different urban and rural communities at risk of violence from Sibiu, Mureș, Brașov and Vrancea counties, during 17 educational sessions for prevention of sexual violence which included screening of the educational film My Body My Own. In each local community the caravan organized meetings for local professionals in order to raise awareness on ways to pro-actively identify cases of sexual violence, ensure a gender-sensitive approach, prevent secondary victimisation and empshasized the importance of ensuring the access of survivors to specialised support services. The pilot counseling center for survivors of sexual violence was used by 135 beneficiaries, of which over 90% women and girls. Of them, 78 chose the option of online counseling services, 51 requested information over the phone and 6 individual counselling. All the persons who contactacted us received information and counseling in order to recognize if they are in an abusive situation, understand the specific forms, causes and effects of sexual violence, learn about victims’rights and how to access these rights. We were able to help 5 survivors with legal aid (of which 3 with free legal representation in court), and 3 with re-imbursement of the costs of forensic certificates as proofs in court. 6 survivors accessed long term psychological counseling. We also helped 5 women with reimbursement of costs with medical services not covered by medical ensurance.

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admin-aleg(English) „My Body My Own” Caravan- Project Outcomes in Brief

Candle-light vigil „The Silent Witnesses Speak”2015

on 19 November 2015

On the 25th of November, the International Day on Combating Violence Against Women, we invite you to join the candle-light vigil „The Silent Witnesses Speak” organized every year by the Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender – A.L.E.G.. The vigil will take place in Sibiu on the pedestrian area Str. Nicolae Bălcescu (the fountain area) between 4-7 pm.

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Abrudean AlexandraCandle-light vigil „The Silent Witnesses Speak”2015

The Gender Equality Festival, 2015

on 24 September 2015

The Gender Equality Festival is not just one of many festivals: it is unique, educational, non-formal and promotes social change for women, men, children and most of all youth. Come and find out what would take for Sibiu to become a more “gender-friendly” city! Here are five events which highly recommend our Festival.

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Abrudean AlexandraThe Gender Equality Festival, 2015

Gender Equality Festival – Sibiu – one gender-friendly city

on 4 September 2015

VDG te priveste
Sibiu is known as a city of festivals. While most festivals have a cultural or a commercial purpose,  Gender Equality Festival has a special character as an educational festival, which promotes social change. The main goal is in developing new attitudes and behaviors, especially among young people. Our activities are based on non-formal education methods and the entry is free. This year’s theme is “Sibiu – one gender-friendly city”
The Gender Equality Festival is an awareness campaign organized annually by A.L.E.G. This year we draw attention to gender violence, caused by our prejudices and stereotypes because we learned to see the world this way.  We suggest to look at every situation through this gender glasses (with the two lenses, one pink and one blue which added together can help us see the whole picture in our everyday life) . A woman is more than a skirt as a man is more than his force, and gender equality is a better perspective then feminism.
afis web-01
Feminism is the movement which emancipates men and includes a simple equation that does not seek reversal of the power balance, but an equilibrium between forces.  And to reach this balance we need men who can’t find justification for violence produced by other men against women and instead we are looking for men who raise their children with the message that real men do not abuse and never find justifications for abuse. A.L.E.G. calls upon the citizens of Sibiu and its partners to change perceptions within the Gender Equality Festival, showing that Sibiu is a gender friendly city that can break the patterns that can emerge from gender violence by interacting in peer.
Our festival is co-financed by the City Council and the Municipality of Sibiu Sibiu, Global Fund for Women and the European Union through the support of the Association Daphne. We want to thank  Ille et Vilaine Sibiu, Habitus Library, Israel Embassy in Romania, Geea Caffe, Erasmus Library, Atrium Cafe, Bistro & Art. Media partner: Days and Nights. Sponsor: Simpa

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Abrudean AlexandraGender Equality Festival – Sibiu – one gender-friendly city