Who is Afraid of Gender Equality and What Does This Mean for Girls?

on 12 March 2019


In more and more countries, gender equality policies are blocked by initiatives that don’t properly understand gender theory and blame equal rights activism for the destruction of traditional family. Women’s rights are a recent achievement, not yet fully completed in many societies and misinforming the public opinion by emphasizing irrational fears only brings about new obstacles. ‘In school, we learn very little about the women’s accomplishments in any field, as if they’ve been wiped out of history. For example, we didn’t know that Romanian women have only had the right to vote since the interwar period and that they haven’t been able to exercise this right in free elections until after 1989. We’ve learnt about this at a gender equality workshop held by A.L.E.G.’, Denisa, an A.L.E.G. volunteer says.

To better understand this phenomenon, A.L.E.G. and the Women’s Resource Center Armenia are unfolding a joint project entitled “Who’s Afraid of Gender Equality and What Does This Mean for Girls?” The research aims at collecting data from women and girls’ NGOs in Europe and Central Asia about the developments in terms of attitudes towards gender equality and women’s rights activism. What is the concrete impact on the lives of girls who work with these organizations? The research is based on a questionnaire drafted by the project team made up of nine Romanian and Armenian teenagers who underwent training on gender equality and on feminism history in the framework of the project.

The questionnaire is available at: and may be filled in until 3 March 2019.

The results of this study will be presented during a Regional Girls’ Forum which will take place in April in Romania. At this event, girls from multiple countries of Europe and Central Asia will establish joint strategies to defend their rights and to inform young people about the advantages of equality between men and women.

The project is funded by Empower and supported by With and For Girls Award, as both A.L.E.G., and Women’s Resource Center Armenia are winners of WFGA. Credits for the project logo: Dan Perjovschi.

Abrudean AlexandraWho is Afraid of Gender Equality and What Does This Mean for Girls?

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