Candle-light vigil „The Silent Witnesses Speak”2015

on 19 November 2015

On the 25th of November, the International Day on Combating Violence Against Women, we invite you to join the candle-light vigil „The Silent Witnesses Speak” organized every year by the Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender – A.L.E.G.. The vigil will take place in Sibiu on the pedestrian area Str. Nicolae Bălcescu (the fountain area) between 4-7 pm.

Figures that speak for a change:
24% of women in Romania have suffered physical or sexual violence from their partner
14% of women in Romania have suffered physical or sexual violence from a non-partner (source:  FRA Study 2014)
155 deaths due to domestic violence were recorded in 2014 in Romania, which represents an increase by 32.5% compared to the average in the timeframe 2004 – 2012. (sou10455049_908493045835069_2399301305673770967_nrce: General Police Inspectorate and Public Mnistry)

Beyond statistics, violence kills women around us every year. At the candle-light vigil these silent witnesses speak through their individual stories. Each story is a call to us to stop the loss of further lives to violence against women.

The event is primiarily addressed to professionals with a role in intervention, such as police officers, prossecutors, judges, social workers, psychologists, medical staff. However, the elimination of violence needs all of the community to take a firm stand.

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Abrudean AlexandraCandle-light vigil „The Silent Witnesses Speak”2015

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