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God, It’s me, Mary and I don’t want them to take my family away!

creat in: 26.09.2018 | autor: admin | categorie: News

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It’s me, Mary, one of the 3 million Romanian women that occasionally deal with physical and sexual abuse. Some daily, rather than on occasions. And it’s not coming from some stranger or degenerate raised by gay parents. In my case, it was my husband, a “nice” boy that grew up in a family so traditional that his mom would give his dad all her earned money, without excuse.


Remember my childhood dreams about a family of my own? In my opinion, family always meant joint decisions about raising our kids, and managing a household together. For my ex, having the last word was mandatory, even when he wasn’t right. I was 3 month pregnant when he first shoved me into an iron fence because I suggested our money would be better spent on pregnancy vitamins rather that his daily pack of cigarettes. It only got worse from there on. What was a family for him, meant prison for me. You only know, God, how difficult it was for me to take my 3 year old baby girl, and leave.


Now I hear about this new referendum to change the Constitution to clearly state that “family” can be constituted of the union between a man and a woman. It almost brought a laugh: what would this do for me? Family that treats you bad is not a family. Write that in the Constitution and I promise to vote every time they want me to!  Tell that to the priest, the pastor, the school teacher to pass it on. We were man and wife with no happy ending, no good use… Since our divorce, over an year ago, it’s just the two of us: my daughter and I. We’re a real family, a loving, caring family that gets along like two peas in a pot. Grandma is the third woman of our family and truthfully, we couldn’t manage without her. We hold Romanian traditions close to our hearts, same as you, God! But now, we will be considered a family only if I get married again? You of all know that I only ask for some peace and quiet. Yet, I fear that I’ll might loose the help I’m getting from the Single Parents Association after this referendum, who knows what’s next?


Anyway, this whole referendum issue has given light to a lot of hatred and anger. I know brothers that no longer speak  after one said that the other is a pedophile supporter. In my book, a pedophile was that gym teacher that was groping 7 year old girls, but since he was married, and to woman, nobody cared to notice. So, my question is how does our Constitution defend us from pedophiles?


God, you who know what people hide even from themselves, at least make those that started this referendum, paid from the country’s reserve, love their own children. If you genuinely love your kids, you can’t help but think at the future. And it’s beyond your powers to state who he/she falls in love with, or wants to marry. Shame or other people’s opinion are no longer your concern, since you only want your kid to be happy. Happy people don’t hurt others. God, please help us get rid of all these unhappy people that do so much harm!