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Welcome to A.L.E.G.’s on-line counselling!

Our Online Counselling platform is particularly addressed to women and girls experiencing sexual violence and/or other forms of gender based violence. Our trained specialists provide information and support in order to:

  • clarify whether or not you are in an abusive situation
  • identify the abuse types
  • learn what are your rights
  • learn how the abuse can be ended
  • find out what steps can you take to get out of the difficult situation you are in

Also, to those who suffered an assoult or are in an abusive situation, to provide information to help understand what are the effects of abuse,  the most common reactions of victims, and best ways to help them.

Why on-line counselling?

aleg g1Becuase it’s convenient – you can talk with a psychologist wherever you are. Online schedule: Monday to Friday, between 10 am – 3 pm, but you can leave offline messages and an answer it’s going to be sent in a short time.


aleg g2 Because it’s effective – you can learn information (psychological, legal etc.) to help you identify the most appropriate solutions to deal with for your situation.

aleg g3 Because it’s confidential – offers a safe and secure environment with professional counsellors. The discussions through this  platform are protected to ensure confidentiality. Only the authorised personnell from A.L.E.G. have access to the discussion archive.

aleg g4

Because it’s free – our specialists provide specialised counselling and support free of charge.



How it works?

It is very easy. All you need is to create an account answering to some simlpe questions and than to get in contact with us.

The standard duration of an online session is 30 minutes.

• Civilized communication is required
• We reserve the right to end the session if the used language is inadequate or when the communication does not comply with the stated purpose of this online support

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