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Join the Survivors’ Network

Survivors’ Forum, the first national forum in Romania dedicated to women who have experienced domestic violence, took place on March 7th in Bucharest. Watch here the video of the event. Over 50 women who were interested to meet other survivors and share their own stories about overcoming abuse responded to our invitation. Participants coming from Bucharest, Iaşi, Cluj, Braşov, Sibiu, Craiova, Lupeni, Timişoara interacted with great interest and demonstrated that Romania has a huge resource of strength and courage, precisely where most people only see weakness: in the women who experienced with violence from their partner. Every woman who stands up and dares to break the silence about intimate-partner abuse, despite the threats and humiliation she faces,  should be considered powerful, not weak.

Domestic violence is like a cage that gradually cancels out your freedom. A girl’s dream of having a family prevails – as from early childhood we are told that this is the only way we can lead accomplished lives –and many women do not realize they are abused. “I thought violence was about broken ribs,” says Loredana Kaschovits. “When I dared to confess for the first time that I might be a victim, I felt like I was betraying my family,” says Crina. “Everyone around me was getting beaten” remembers Alina, but the desire not to repeat her mother’s unfortunate destiny motivated her to stop accepting this treatment. All these women dared to step into the unknown; although it has been very hard, they have managed to transform their lives. Many of them still face the stigma of being a single mother, as Cynthia Loris’s shows in her art exhibition VIO and the stories of single free mothers.

We asked the participants what improvements are needed in order to have more women escape violence before it is too late. First of all, they say, it would help to have a drastic change of attitude on the part of the government and public institutions: when a woman calls for help, she should be welcomed, encouraged and told that violence is the fault of the perpetrator, not hers. Those who interact with women should stop blaming the victim and stop asking her questions as though she would be guilty of a crime.  They should stop discouraging the women when they call the police, their statements need to be taken separately from the aggressor and they should stop screaming at the women. The police should follow the protection orders: it is not enough to issue the order, to evacuate the aggressor; the violations of the protection order by the aggressors must be seriously sanctioned; otherwise protection does not exist. The message is valid for everyone around us: not to share a common ground with the aggressors. Ana Bella Estevez, the woman who started a real phenomenon in Spain, helping thousands of women to get out of the abuse, told that for 11 years her suffering was invisible to her relatives, who saw the traces of violence but chose not to ask about them. Whenever a perpetrator is not held accountable, whenever justification is sought, we do nothing but encourage violence, raise those who commit it, and lower the women who bear it.

Women who have been through violence say it is important that intervention is specialized: police structures, legal court, support services. Those who come in contact with abused people should first be trained for this and refrain from inappropriate comments, by expressing their own prejudices. This also applies to judges, in the process of gaining custody of children, or in the proceedings for the issue of the protection order. In cases of separation involving children, aggressors use the little ones almost always, to maintain control of the former partner. Judges should be aware of this, women say.

One of the most important needs discussed at the Forum is the organization of survivors’ communities: psychological support groups, as well as groups of women who are actually helping, for example by accompanying other women to the police when they want to make a complaint or when they have a process to the court of justice. One week after our meeting, the survivors’ have already done a closed facebook group, which they called the Survivors’ Network, through which they continue to communicate with each other. One of them proposed that the survivors’ living in the same city should develop a local help guide: what are the services you can rely on, which lawyers have experience in the field, with which kindergartens they had positive experiences, or, on the contrary, what other women should avoid. Support groups for women who have been confronted with domestic violence exist in Sibiu, managed by A.L.E.G., and in Bucharest, managed by ANAIS. As a next step, A.L.E.G. will contribute to the development of local support groups of survivors and support communities in which they can encourage each other and build a common voice. The communication campaign #șieureușesc will grow and bring into the public eye as many examples of women who have managed to get rid of abuse. Interested women can contact us at contact@aleg-romania.eu or call +4 0753 893 531.

This is part of the project “From Victim to Survivor”, run by the Association for Liberty and Equalityy of Gender (A.L.E.G.) with support from Ashoka Romania through the Ashoka Localizer program and funded by Global Rights for Women (Global Voices Initiative) and AVON. The project aims to adapt in Romania the Ana Bella model from Spain, about which you can find information here.


Sibiu Marathon 2018 – Running for ”I talk to my child about abuse”

Good news! Our project, I talk to my child about abuse, has been accepted to be one of the 25 causes that you can run for at 2018 Sibiu International Marathon!

Recent statistics show that, in Romania, 6 children are sexually abused every day. 1 in 6 boys and 1 in 4 girls will face some form of sexual abuse before the age of 18. Beyond stats, this is also confirmed by the from stories entrusted to us, between tears of frustration and helplessness, in A.L.E.G.’s “blue room”, where our psychological counselling sessions take place. Many parents showed their need to learn how to protect their children from sexual abuse and how to talk to them about these taboo topics.

And since it is a subject surrounded by silence, both at home, and at school, there is a series of wide-spread, very dangerous myths.

Myth 1. It cannot happen to my child2

Danger lies much closer than we think. Figures show that only 10% of sexual abusers are unknown, 23% are other children, while 67% of sexual abuses are perpetrated by somebody who has access to the child and who is wee-known to the little one. Abuse takes place in seemingly safe places. In most cases of abuse, children are under 5 years old.

Myth 2. Its better to stay away from this topic.

As it is a sensitive subject, parents avoid talking to their children about protecting their body. Out of shame, they fail to give them early sexual education. Others often say “it is too early”. It is important that we think about the consequences, the costs that our children will pay because of the lack of parental education.

Through our project, 180 parents and teachers in the municipality of Sibiu, as well as in towns and villages in the county of Sibiu will benefit from parental education sessions, held by experienced psychologists, who will help them acquire the necessary abilities to prevent sexual abuse on children and young people.

It is best that parents and teacher make sure children get the right information, so that they do not become victims of sexual abuse. According to and old saying, „it takes a village to raise a child” - a community of responsible, attentive, and sympathetic people!

More information about our cause you can find here >  http://maratonsibiu.ro/en/i-talk-to-my-child-about-abuse-8264/

Do you want to be one of our heroes? You can register as a runner here > http://maratonsibiu.ro/inscriere-alergator/?cauza=36

Do you want to support a runner, so he can find the power to finish the race? You can register here: http://maratonsibiu.ro/inscriere-sustinator/?cauza=36

Romanian Survivors Forum

Romanian Survivors’ Forum

March 7th, Bucharest

“Hello! My name is Loredana Kaschovits, and I am a survivor of domestic violence. My ex-husband used to humiliate me every day and I accepted everything, because I believed domestic violence only includes serious physical beatings, thinking about those grave types of abuse which came up in the media. But, one day, somebody gave me a list of types of abuse. It felt like an earthquake – I found myself in so many of them. It’s true that I found it hard to break away, and I made several attempts to leave him. before but finally I succeeded: I took my kids and left, without knowing where we would live and how, as I had no job, nor a house. But today I have my own business and I earn enough money to live a decent life doing what I love. I remarried, I am happy, respected, and I know that I can help other women find the strength that lies inside them.

On March 7th, The Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender – A.L.E.G. is organizing in Bucharest the Romanian Survivors’ Forum, a meeting dedicated to women who have been through violence, where they can share their experiences, and be recognized for their courage and power to survive. Based on their positive examples, women who are still fighting violence can gather the strength to break the silence and trust that they too can do it. We know that 1 out of 4 women are victims of violence at some point in their lives, but we talk too little about the women who have survived domestic violence and what they have to say.

The main objectives of the Forum are: (1) to collect survivors’ views about what quality support means; (2) to acknowledge the strength of women who have overcome violence and encourage them to get to know each other, unite their voices and form support networks; (3) to promote a change of attitude towards women facing violence emphasizing their strengths rather than their weaknesses.

Loredana will be one of the speakers at the forum, along with other extraordinary women. A special guest is Ana Bella, from Spain, a domestic violence survivor, who has helped over 20,000 women find their strength to transform their lives and find fulfilling jobs that meet their dreams.

The event is organised by the Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender (A.L.E.G), with support from Ashoka Romania through the program Ashoka Localizer, and funding through the Voices Against Violence GBV Global Initiative and AVON.

cover event FB 1920x1200px

Art Exhibition “Vio and the Stories of Free Mothers”

The campaign “I Can Do It Too” launched by A.L.E.G. to support women facing domestic violence enjoys the support and involvement of local artists and entrepreneurs. In the timeframe 2-10 December 2017, the Council Tower hosted the exhibition “VIO – the Stories of Single Free Mothers”, by artist Cynthia Loris in partnership with A.L.E.G. The artist chose a venue that difficult to reach (the top floor of the the Council Tower) on purpose, to convey through the giddiness and the weight of each step made on the steep stairs, the way abused women feel on their road to safety. This is the first time that the experiences of several survivors are turned into works of art. To observe confidentiality, the exhibition does not reveal any information that could lead to the identification of the people involved.


One piece suggestively called ‘How Many KM2 of Bruises Has the Ruler at the M.E.’s Office Measured?” was inspired by the dimensions of bruises, as documented in a forensic certificate of a survivor. According to the Sibiu Forensic Medicine Office in Sibiu in 2017, 117 women victims of domestic violence have requested a forensic certificate. The exhibition includes works inspiring people to believe that together we can overcome domestic violence.

Instead of an opening night, the audience was invited to a closing event, to show that the repetitive situation of violence can come to an end. The closing event took place on Friday, December 8th, starting 4 p.m., on the top floor of the Council Tower.

Works of art and description VIO_exhibition

Courage is characteristic of women who manage to start over by themselves, just as it is a defining feature of entrepreneurs. We are happy to have found not only artists, but also enterprisers sensitive to the topic of family violence. The natural cosmetics compan

sapun luthelo

y Luthelo has marked our campaign through a special end-of-year batch of soaps, called Optimism and Trust, for faithful customers. Thus, 120 customers have received these gifts, alongside the message “I Can Do It Too” and information materials to help identify the various forms of violence. They are meant to help a friend clarify whether they are in a violent situation and inform them of where to go for help. The company Medical Corp supports the A.L.E.G. campaign by fitting their offices with a donation box, raising funds for women facing family violence. The campaign started in November with the Horizontal Newspaper activity “Success Stories That Do Not Make The Headlines”, organized thanks to the artist Dan Perjovschi, and with the “Vigil Night for Silent Witnesses” organized by the A.L.E.G. team in the Sibiu city centre.

Audio report (in Romanian) by Radio România Cultural:


“I Can Do It Too” – Support for Women Facing Domestic Violence

Every year, around the 25th of November, the Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender – A.L.E.G. marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This year, A.L.E.G. organizes the campaign #ȘiEuReușesc (I Can Do It Too), aimed at encouraging women experiencing partner violence to break the silence and trust that they can live a life free of the violence.

The campaign started with the call “Tell Us How You Did It”, launched on the Facebook page alegromania. This is an invitation for women who have gotten out of an abusive situation to share their story, without revealing personal identification data. On November 24th, inspirational pieces of these stories will be posted on the Horizontal Newspaper next to the Radu Stanca National Theatre of Sibiu, thanks to the artist Dan Perjovschi, one of the main supporters of the A.L.E.G. campaign.

On the same Friday, at 4 p.m., at the fountain of Nicolae Bălcescu Street, the A.L.E.G. volunteers will issue a wake-up call to the community of Sibiu through the Vigil Night for Silent Witnesses. The silent witnesses are red figures symbolically representing women who have lost their lives because of domestic violence. Each figure bears the story of a real case, most of which had a long history of violence. Constantly blamed they might ruin their family, victims put up with everything, while everyone around them often chooses not to get involved, although many times they know what’s going on. After reading these stories, we would like the public to go home with a new-found motivation to take action, because many lives can be saved if offered help in due time.


As support services are important, on November 27th, A.L.E.G. will launch a support group for women facing abusive relations. A support group is a form of counselling led by a psychologist, which helps people overcome trauma by showing them they are not alone. Participation is free; to register, call 0753 893 531 or e-mail us at aleg_romania@yahoo.comFor further details, access www.aleg-romania.eu

In 2-10 December, the campaign continues with the exhibition VIO and the Stories of Single Free Mothers, by artist Cynthia Loris and A.L.E.G. The exhibition will take place at the top floor of the Council Tower. It is the first time that real violence experiences of several women are turned into pieces of art, with the purpose of talking about freedom. The piece suggestively called ‘How Many KM2 of Bruises Has the Ruler at the M.E.’s Office Measured?” was inspired by the dimensions of bruises, as documented in a forensic certificate. According to the Sibiu Forensic Medicine Office in Sibiu, this year, 117 women victims of domestic violence have requested a forensic certificate.

The campaign #ȘiEuReușesc is part of the project “From Victim to Survivor”, financed by Global Rights for Women and Vital Voices with the help of Global Funds for Women. The campaign is partnering with  Ashoka Romania through the program Ashoka Localizer and is supported by the famous Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi.


A.L.E.G. offers free counselling and legal assistance to victims of gender-based violence.

Gender Equality Festival: How was the 12th edition?

The 12th edition of the Gender Equality Festival took place in Sibiu between 21st and 23rd of September, an event for preventing gender discrimination and violence, organized by the Association for Liberty and Gender Equality – A.L.E.G., an organisation supporting women and children, victims of domestic violence.

Ziua Paci_Lant uman © dragos dumitruOn the 21st of September, the A.L.E.G. volunteers have marked the International Peace Day taking up the motto “Until there is peace for every woman” and forming a human chain to get the community’s attention on the need to take attitude against acts of violence. The International Peace Day was also marked by using stencils on the Horizontal Wall together with Dan Perjovschi and the A.L.E.G. team.

On the 22nd of September, approximately 80 high school students watched the Movie Girl Power, an event made possible with the collaboration of One World Romania. The movie depicts the life of girls and women passionate about graffiti in a predominantly masculine environment. This was followed by the first time Romanian projection of the movie “Have I told you I have been abused”, which won the State Excellency Award in Serbia, 2009.

The movie is based ont the accounts of young women which have been abused during childhood and stresses upon the fact that most sexual abuses take place in families and remain hidden years on end. The participants had the opportunity to discuss with the creator of the movie, Dušica Popadić from Incest Trauma Center from Belgrade about the ways in which we can protect children and youngsters. Dušica Popadić talked about the collaboration of their organization with the Ministry of Education for preventing abuse through several school subjects, from the earliest age.

Concurs In a RelationshipOn the 23rd of September, the young researchers from the „In a Relationship” project realized in 2016 by AVON and the Foundation Friends for Friends, Andrei Stupu and Diana Smeu presented the results of the national study they applied on the subject of teenagers and their relationships. The results show that a lot of teenagers go through abusive relationships without even knowing that it is abuse in the first place. The conclusions from the  research were illustrated through an exposition hosted by the Gong Theater which includes the creations of teenagers between 16-18 years from 8 cities in Romania.

The day continued with the contest “In a Relationship”: 15 high school students went through different practical exercises on assertive communication, recognizing different forms of abuse but also amusing tasks of practical skills through which they could demonstrate breaking the roles of women and men. At the event participated 5 representatives from The Platform for Gender Equality from The Republic of Moldova remarking: „The active involvement of young people from all over the country (including in activities of social research) is a perfect example of a good case practice which we want to implement back home – in the Republic of Moldova.”

Teatru forum_AThe festival ended with a theater forum show entitled “The party at the cabin”. The A.L.E.G. volunteers create in an yearly basis different scenarios through which they get to showcase to their generation peers about the causes and the form of gender violence, encouraging them to take attitude whenever they witness a sexism or violence manifestation.

“Like every year, the show was a success, bringing the message close to the spectators. I hope it offered a different perspective on couple and relationship issues to all the spectators like it did for me!” (Iulia R., spectator). During such a play, the spectators have the chance to intervene by replacing the actors and to propose changes in the actions and the behavior of the actors thus avoiding a situation of gender violence.

“The Gender Equality Festival is an important pillar in the fight against violence and I appreciate that you at the 12th edition.As we speak, there are young people around us in action and this aspect is very important: they can practically understand what domestic violence and gender equality means. Continue to play an important part in the fight for dignity and keep on paying if forward“ was the message from Alexandra Maier, the coordinator of social campaigns at AVON, present at the events.

The Gender Equality Festival – XIIth edition is an action financed by the Local Municipality and Council from Sibiu and co-financed by AVON.

The Festival in images

Gender Equality Festival: Sibiu, 21st-23rd of September

The Gender Equality Festival comes back on the 21st-23rd of September with an anniversary edition, the 12th edition!

The festival was the launching event of the Association of Liberty and Gender Equality – A.L.E.G. back in 2004 and since then it has remained one of the yearly recurring activities through which A.L.E.G. promotes in Sibiu’s community, especially among young persons, European values such as: equality between women and men, respect in relationships, tolerance and non-violence.Colaj FEG

We are different but equal”, ”I will never be anybody’s victim” were the messages created by the letter-volunteers, becoming a symbol of the festival. This year, taking into account the fact that we are witnessing an increase in violence and hatred, the festival marks The International Peace Day alongside the Women Against Violence Europe – WAVE Network and it will approach especially the issue of peace – at home and in the world - ”until there will be peace for every woman”.

The Gender Equality Festival is a campaign which encourages young persons to think „outside the box”, the TV-box or the mart-phone-box, to be able to identify the stereotypes which lead to violence and gender discrimination. We do this through social theater where spectators propose solutions, through film viewings and debating them and through street actions.


The program for this year includes on the 21st of September the Human Chain for Peace Day, on the 22nd the first projection of the most known movie from the ex-Yugoslavian space which tackles the topic of sexual abuse – “Have I told you I have been abused?” for which we have as a guest the founder of the Incest Trauma Center from Belgrade, Dušica Popadić and on the 23rd of September the campaign and the contest “In a Relationship”, in collaboration with AVON.

The detailed program can be accessed on the Facebook event here.

Details about A.L.E.G. you can find on www.aleg-romania.eu

The Gender Equality Festival, the XII-th edition is a project financed by the Local Council and Municipality of Sibiu through the Community Agenda.

Romanian Teenage Girls Decide for Europe and Central Asia

A.L.E.G. is Organising in Sibiu the Final Selection for the 2017 With And For Girls International Award

Winner of the 2016 With And For Girls Award, the Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender – A.L.E.G. was asked to host in Sibiu the final selection of the organizations in Europe and Central Asia which are to receive the award this year. The award ceremony will take place in November in London, and the award comes with funding for the organizations to continue activities for girls.

The Europe and Central Asia winners will be decided by a panel made up of 4 teenage girls, aged between 16 and 18, recruited from Sibiu, Bucharest and Bacău, supported by an experienced A.L.E.G. volunteer, presently studying InternationaALEG_bannerl Relations at the University of Bradford, UK. In 23-24 July, in Sibiu, A.L.E.G. is holding a training for the adolescents in the panel, and then, in 25-28 July, they will interview the 10 organizations preselected by the With and For Girls Collective, choosing the four winners, which are to be publicly announced in November in London. The selection criteria are: activities based on girls’ needs, involving girls in the decision-making process and having programmes with impact at grass-root level.

The distinctive touch of this action consists of the fact that it gives Romanian teenage girls the opportunity to make their voices heard, granting an international award to organizations unfolding programmes for young people. The selection process itself was designed to encourage local organizations and communities to involve girls in the decisions impacting their lives and to emphasize the development of girls’ leadership skills. Thus, girls have the last word in selecting the winners and learn that they can play an important role in society. Moreover, the members of the panel will enrich their knowledge of human rights and equal opportunities.

The members of the panel were recruited by A.L.E.G. from pupils who have participated at educational sessions held within the programmes unfolded by the organization.

The With And For Girls Awards are granted annually by the With and For Girls Collective, which has committed to create a global funding initiative to identify and support strong local organizations working with and for girls. The Collective is made up of eight international organizations supporting girls’ rights: EMpower, Mama Cash, NoVo Foundation, Plan UK, The Global Fund for Children, Nike Foundation, Comic Relief and Stars Foundation.

Photo credit: Ioana Cârlig

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Sibiu Marathon 2017 – Running for Our Cause

We are proud to present the runners who have signed up to support our cause at Sibiu Marathon 2017 “YOU CAN DO IT”.

siglaRefresh - CopyOur runners believe that change comes through young people. The elimination of gender-based violence is possible only through a professional effort invested in education for prevention.  As long as our children grow up with the same stereotypes that justify violence as a sign of passion – „whoever beats his wife loves her” as an old Romanian saying goes- we will continue to have new generations of victims and perpetrators. Through this project we build up on the experience already gained by A.L.E.G. with previous activities helping children and youth recognize abuse under all its forms, overcome the myth that the victim “deserves it”, report abuse and know what do to do to discourage perpetrators. We draft and promote educational material to be used by specially trained teachers to work with students and change the beliefs that make us accept violence.

We also thank our donor The Refresh Coffee Shop.

Bogdan Talasman
Diana Porumb
Dodu Pusa Doru
Ioana Cufteac
Irina Thiery
Isabela Vatavu
Loredana Kaschovits
Miruna Solomon
Vladimir Barbu

A.L.E.G. winner of WITH AND FOR GIRLS international award

Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender (A.L.E.G.) is one of just 20 organisations from around the world to receive a With and For Girls Award this year. As part of the award package, ALEG will receive US$15,000 of flexible funding and capacity building support.

The With and For Girls Awards is a global initiative to identify and support strong local organisations working with and for girls.


Based in Sibiu, Romania –A.L.E.G. is recognised for its work providing support services for victims of violence among girls and young women in Romania, particularly those from disadvantaged families.

In 2015, an 18-year-old girl was gang-raped by seven boys in the eastern Romanian county of Vaslui. Despite the fact that three of the perpetrators admitted to the crime, a court released the boys from arrest. The case shocked public opinion, casting a shameful light on a culture of gender discrimination and violence in Romania. According to A.L.E.G., 24 per cent of Romanian women have suffered from partner violence and 14 per cent were exposed to violence by a non-partner. Women have little access to specialised services and evidence suggests that less than one per cent of offenders are punished.

ALEG also runs educational projects on sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as the Gender Equality Festival, a yearly gathering aimed at campaigning against gender stereotyping in Romania. The organisation has helped 1,431 people in the last two years, more than 60 per cent of whom are girls.A.L.E.G. works to tackle the core of the problem through lobbying and advocacy while offering direct support to the victims of violence and abuse. The organisation provides information, psychological counselling as well as social and legal support. In response to requests from survivors, A.L.E.G. set up an online counselling platform on its website where girls can discuss their concerns anonymously. Thanks to ALEG, survivors have reported gaining a better understanding of their rights and for the different forms, causes and effects of abuse.

Camelia Proca, the director and founder of the organization will be attending the award ceremony to take place on the 2nd of November in London, as well meetings with the rest of the winners and the donor organizations. “For A.L.E.G., the award is first of all a sign of recognition for our unique approach, emphasizes prevention and involves teenagers, particularly girls – in transforming power relations in family and society, towards sharing of power which means being stronger together, the opposite of overpowering. This is nothing but gender democracy and change begins with each girl that has respect for herself and demands respect from others. Everything we achieved in 12 years of work – from social service innovation to legislative changes like rape crisis centers – is the joint effort of a team that remained true to values of the organization despite the lack of state funding. This team always included girls who have grown up at the same time with the organization while building up new girl leadership.

 Muna Wehbe, CEO of Stars Foundation: “These 20 outstanding organisations demonstrate the power of grassroots movements and girl leadership to effect change, both in communities and in the world at large. The Collective is proud to be supporting the With and For Girls Award winners with flexible funding, which is still a rare asset for most grassroots organisations. We want to encourage more funders to trust and invest in girls to address the challenges that they face in their everyday lives. By doing so they are changing the future for the millions of girls worldwide who face discrimination simply for identifying as a girl.”

Further Information

  • The With and For Girls Collective is a group of seven organisations that share the belief that girls are vital agents of change.
  • In 2016 the Collective committed US$1million to a global awards process to identify and support strong local organisations working with and for girls.
  • The With and For Girls Collective is made up of: EMpower, Mama Cash, Nike Foundation, NoVo Foundation, Plan UK, The Global Fund for Children and Stars Foundation – the Collective’s convening partner.
  • The With and For Girls Awards do not focus on a particular theme, but instead are open to organisations with a range of development outcomes – from health and education to challenging negative attitudes towards girls in their schools, families and communities.
  • Recipient organisations with current annual organisational budgets between US$20,000-US$100,000 will receive US$15,000 of flexible funding. Winners will also receive capacity building support as part of the award package.
  • Recipient organisations with current annual organisational budgets between US$100,000-US$500,000 will receive US$50,000 of flexible funding. Winners will also receive capacity building support as part of the award package.
  • This year, 161 local organisations were nominated to receive the Award by 61 referral partners worldwide.
  • The 20 winning organisations are working with over 30,690 people across 17 countries.
  • With and For Girls Awards will be given out to organisations in five geographic regions – Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, The American Continent and the Caribbean, and The Middle East and North Africa.
  • Stars Foundation recognises and rewards outstanding local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working to improve the wellbeing and life chances of children.

Photography credited to Ioana Cirlig/Stars Foundation.