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Borrow a person & find out his life story! See you at our Human Library!

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Discover the stories beyond book covers & pages!



Within the 2018 Gender Equality Festival,  A.L.E.G. hosts the Human Library Event that gathers people from the art, medical, business, education domains, authors and activists ready to answer all your questions.


The Human Library is not a new concept, being an interactive project created in 2000 in Denmark, having as a sole purpose to change people’s perceptions on stereotypes and preconceptions.


Saturday, 13 October, 5 p.m., at the Habitus Library, you have the chance to talk to our list of guests, who will be an open book for the audience, sharing both life lessons, words of wisdom and their experience. If your curiosity is on board, prepare your questions and come talk to the guests, there is no entry fee.


How does a Human Library work?


🕝 You can spend 20 minutes with our “book” of choice, after which you must return it to the library. This time can be extended by 10 minutes extra, upon request.


🔕 Please remember that the overall vibe of the event is one of a kind. That is why phones will not be a priority and the reader consents to the this next scenario: the book can leave the conversation if there is any harm done to his/her reputation or dignity.


The 2018 Book Inventory


This year’s theme for the Gender Equality Festival is about bridging the “communication gap between generations” by which we intend to open taboo topics related to gender equality and change young people’s perceptions about them.  Feel free to open any topic you have in mind with the human book you fancy the most.


We are really happy to have guests that are fighting gender stereotypes on a daily basis and who’s lifetime work is making this world a better place, day by day.


🔸 Andreea Paul is launching her book “The civic power of women” at Sibiu, the third piece dedicated to the Romanian contemporary women and is staying as a guest at our Human Library. The author was inspired by the brutally “Emotional Romanian realities that turned bad to good, hard to easy by means of civic action” and has gathered the stories of 100 civic activists,  like household names like Nadia Comăneci sau Melania Medeleanu, or names that remained unheard of until now. Come and meet Andreea Paul!


🔸 Daniela Drăghici (Advocacy Specialist, volunteer, Societatea de Educație Contraceptivă și Sexuală) brings on the energy and enthusiasm any time  sexual educations needs a new approach.


🔸 Our list of human books continues with Daniela Palade Teodorescu (Editor in chief of CARIERE magazine, ambassador of the Diversity Carta) that brings “anonymous heroines” to the spotlight, moms that create their own rights and change laws for the wellbeing of their kids, women with a strong civic sens that are solving a lot of issues the state seems unable to.


🔸 Loredana Kaschovits (Ted Speaker, founder of Luthelo) shares her touching story of overcoming domestic violence and starting over, and Claudia Bălan (Sex Education teacher, Tineri pentru Tineri) brings a ton of stories she encountered in more than 17 years of working in teens coming of age and their sexuality.


🔸“Real men are feminists” and this is why our guest list couldn’t be perfect without a strong male presence from which to learn. Adi Beu (Psihoteraphist, trainer), Dan Câmpean (Teacher) and Dan Perjovschi (Artist, writer, journalist and performance author) join our event for one night of open minded talks.


🔸 Mihaela Miroiu (Feminist, Univ. prof. at Școala Națională de Studii Politice și Administrative), Camelia Proca (A.L.E.G president, co-author of “Forța Civică a Femeilor”), Elena Ucenic (OBGYN) și Raluca Chișu (Kinetobebe, co author of “Forța Civică a Femeilor”) complete the guest list of our Human Library and stir up the conversation on labels, gender stereotypes and wrong assumptions that are passed down through generations.


This Human Library is the place where stories have the shape of a human face, words come to life and the lessons stay with you. Join us in this beautiful adventure!


This year we partnered up with and are financed by #ÎNSTAREDEBINE – a program developed by the Foundation for the Civil Society’s Development – and cofinanced by the Sibiu Council and City Hall.