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About us

A.L.E.G. is a non-governmental organization active since 2004 in the field of combating and preventing violence against women and promoting gender equality. We focus on the following services and actions:

About us
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    Counseling and psychological support

    We offer free information, psychological support and counseling on the phenomenon of violence against women, its causes, what to do if you find yourself in an abusive relationship.

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    Information and awareness

    We believe in education and violence prevention. We implement non-formal education projects in schools and involve teachers and students in our programs to prevent gender inequality. Together with teachers and school counselors we develop new materials and work activities adapted to the age of the students. We run annual awareness campaigns for the general public on gender violence, in Sibiu but also in the country.

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    Advocacy & lobby

    We change laws and destinies. Alongside national and international networks, we advocate for legislation changes with a view to obtaining better legal instruments and safer solutions for violence-free lives.

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    Training and education activities

    We organize information and training sessions for specialists with responsibilities in combating domestic violence: police officers, psychologists, lawyers, social workers, etc. This sessions integrate the principles of gender equality in defining the phenomenon of violence against women. The training sessions are interactive, starting from the experience of the survivors from the #ȘiEuReușesc network. In companies, we carry out activities for the integration of the principles of gender equality in the workplace, the recognition of forms of violence, but also of reporting mechanisms among employees, both in professional and public life.

A.L.E.G Team

A.L.E.G. works with psychologists with experience in preventing and combating gender-based violence and with human rights specialists. We have the support of a group of active volunteers, pro-bono lawyers, teachers and school counselors. Because we believe in the involvement of the target group in the organization, our decision-making body, the board of directors, includes at least one survivor of domestic violence, a teenager and a man. Our Facebook group A.L.E.G. volunteers has over 350 members.

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    The team’s psychologists and therapists are attested by the Colegiul Psihologilor din România (COPSI). They are constantly participating in ongoing training programs in the field of preventing and combating domestic violence, all to ensure an intervention tailored to the needs of victims.

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    With over 15 years of experience in preventing and combating violence, we organize training sessions on the following topics: healthy relationships, how to help a victim of violence become a survivor, awareness of gender stereotypes in the workplace, etc. Our trainers use interactive methods in the field of non-formal education and are accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

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    We work with the best legal specialists, trained to understand the life story of the victim of violence, to believe her and to support her while representing her  rights before the law. At the national level, we collaborate with the pro-bono network for human rights managed by the ACTEDO Association.

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    Over 350 people are part of the network of volunteers in A.L.E.G.  and over 100 are part of the #SiEuReușesc network: young people, pupils or students, teachers, psychologists or school counselors, trainers, lawyers, etc. All our volunteers have the opportunity to participate in gender equality training programs free of charge, in order to be able to effectively implement the activities and projects they carry out or coordinate.

We believe that

We can build a world in which everyone has equal rights, access to decisions and opportunities. We want all this so that both girls and women, as well as boys and men, can reach their full potential. We seek to find new ways to communicate, to contribute and to be together, to share power and resources and to live a balanced life. We involve both men and women, regardless of age, race or social status, in our activities.

At the same time, we encourage people to live without abuse and violence. We provide the necessary support for women to find their inner strength to overcome violence. We promote gender equality and by that we mean balanced power relations between women and men, in the family and in society.

What guides our work?

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    All aspects of our work follow the highest ethical standards. We emphasize transparency in what we can and cannot offer to our beneficiaries.

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    To us, it is very important for the people who trust us with their life stories know that they are in safe hands and that we will never make them public without their consent.

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    Continuous development

    We continuously take part in training and development sessions, carry out innovative practices and projects, so as to develop the best strategies to fulfil our organization’s mission and vision.

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    We believe that together we are stronger, so we focus on team work both inside, and outside our organization. We are part of national and international support networks working to reduce violence.

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    Care and inclusion

    Our actions are based on the principle of compassion and on the spirit of inclusion, as we approach each case or individual with respect and without judging.

  • Respect for the diverse needs of people, openness to anyone who wants to make the transition from victim to survivor. Our role is not to establish the truth, nor to judge. We believe the victim’s story, as it is told by her. We respect her personal limits and guide her to the best services.