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Program: M-F: 09-18

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About us

OUR MISSION  is to promote gender equality and fight against gender based discrimination and gender based violence affecting women and girls disproportionately.

OUR OBJECTIVES combine primary prevention with intervention:

a. We seek to provide direct support services to empower women and girls experiencing violence and to advocate on their behalf for improving intervention policies for all forms of violence covered by the Istanbul Convention (including sexual violence)

b. we focus on transforming patriarchal norms in society through educational programs addressed particularly to young people, promoting girls’ wellbeing, sexual and reproductive health and rights and healthy relationships beyond patterns of power and control

c. We work on strengthening women’s rights by networking with a variety of women’s rights groups under WAVE, ASTRA and AWID networks.


Women and girls are empowered to shape their role and place in both the private and the public spheres of life free of gender stereotypes and to live a life free of any form of violence. Adequate services are in place to offer specialized support and empowerment. Men contribute to gender equality and to the elimination of violence.