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If I Can Run You Can Support Me. And Togher We Unlearn Violence. At Sibiu Half Marathon.

This year in the Sibiu Half Marathon A.L.E.G. raises funds for the prevention of violence. „Unlearning violence” is the cause that you can donate for in order to bring hischschoolers educational sessions and manuals promoting healthy relationship patterns. Clik here to show your support.

In schools, on the street, in placement centers and even in some families, children and youth continue to get the message that forcing others a ainst their will is ok. As a result, one of three women and girls reading this article has been or will be physically or sexually assaulted. We cannot wait until the state does something to stop violence and coercive control behaviour, we have to act for change ourselves.

Support our cause because violence can be prevented if we offer the right alternative at the right time. You all who are aware of the importance of prevention, contribute for the cause you believe in! Not only will you encourage us to continue to do what we do best, you will also enable us to have the necessary resources. For over 10 years, we have been doing what the state fails to do in terms of prevention, and we offer good practice models. We reached thousands of adolescents not only in Sibiu but around the country, children in placement centers, girls and boys who have witnessed violence in their homes. In order to brek the cycle of violence we need your contributions!

Key moments

A.L.E.G. is a non-governmental organization active since 2004 in preventing and combating violence against women and promoting gender equality.

Internationally A.L.E.G. is member of the WAVE network (Women Against Violence Europe) AWID organization, and ASTRA network (Regional Network for sexual health and reproductive rights of women in Central and Eastern Europe).

Nationally, A.L.E.G. is involved in lobbying and advocacy for  legislation and public policies improvements to prevent and combat domestic and gender-based violence and to introduction of sex education in schools and gender equality.

In 2012 A.L.E.G. participated in drafting the National Strategy for Preventing and Combating Domestic Violence, adopted by the government.

In 2013, together with 8 other NGOs participated in a national project to monitor the implementation of the protection order and the situation of social services for victims of domestic violence.

In 2014 initiated a network of NGOs focused on the topic of sexual violence, “Break the silence about sexual violence”

In 2015 A.L.E.G. piloted one of the few specialized services for victims of sexual violence, including specialized psychological and legal counseling.