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11even Experiences – A Real Man Never Abuses or Justifies Abuse

Camelia Proca spoke on the 16th of May at 11even Experiences as part of the panel Joy in life. Joy in life is also about silenced topics like sexual violence, because overcoming the victim blaming mentality is the key to bringing joy in the lives of those who were robbed of joy.  ”Gender equality is like these glasses that bring together pink and blue and help us see the entire range of colors and possiblities, beyond pre-set patterns and halves of truth. A woman is more than a skirt just like a man is more than brutal force. And gender equality is more inclusive than feminism. It is that feminism that emancipates men too, including them in an equation where the hands of the scale are not just reversed, but truely ballanced. In order to reach that ballance, we need man who will no longer find excuses for the violence of other men against women. We need men who will raise their sons not with the saying A REAL MAN NEVER CRIES, but A REAL MAN NEVER ABUSES OR JUSTIFIES ABUSE.

Seminar “My Body, My Own” – Sexual violence and the rights of the survivors

A.L.E.G. is launching the project “My Body – My Own” Sexual Violence among Youth: Awareness Raising and Counseling Center”,  funded under the EEA Grants through the NGO Fund. A public seminar is organized in Sibiu on 14th of May 2014 for professionals in organizations with responsibilities in intervention against violence and&or working with youth. What is sexual violence beyond myths? What are the needs of the victims and the gaps of the Romanian system of intervention in comparison with the requirements of the Istanbul Convention and those of the EU Victim Directive? These are some of the topics proposed by the seminar. AL.E.G. will present the goals of the project and soome examples of good practices from partners like Stigamot from Iceland and IEESR from Romania.

Projec summary

A.L.E.G. is an organization working on the issue of gender-based violence since 2004. Having been requested counseling in cases of rape more an more often, we will have the chance to develop through the project “My Body – My Own” Sexual Violence among Youth: Awareness Raising and Counseling Center”  new competences and will test new working methods with the help of the partner Stigamot from Iceland. Sexual violence is one of the most destructive forms of gender-based violence and in Romania, the least recognized and reported form of abuse, due to social norms, double victimization when reported and lack of specialized services. An exchange visit in Iceland funded under the NGO Fund confirmed that youth are a key category at risk. Therefore the project has the objective to increase the access of youth at risk to information on sexual violence and to provide specialist support services to victims of sexual violence. 700 youth in Sibiu and Mureş countries will become better informed and aware in order to recognize and avoid an abuse, 50 professionals will be made aware in order to refer victims to support services without double victimization, 30 victims will be provided through the pilot center specialist support services in line with the standards of the new Directive 2012/29/EU for victims of crime. The results and the methods will be disseminated to 20 service providers, replicated in a third county and integrated in the regular activity of the applicant to be continued after the end of the project.