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Sieureusesc.ro: help other women overcome domestic violence!

          For the first time, women that deal with domestic violence can get in touch with those who managed to overcome an abusive relationship by means of an online platform: sieureusesc.ro. The platform’s one of kind mechanism is rooted in the personal example of those who made it, supporting women that are still trapped in the violence’s vicious circle and helping the latter.     “Women’s… read more

The Loud Message of the Silent Witnesses of Domestic Violence

Ziua Internațională de Combatere a Violentei Împotriva Femeilor

From 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10 December, Human Rights Day, there are 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. A.L.E.G. sends an open invitation to journalists, public institutions’ representatives and the large public to take part in a silent watch with a powerful sounding message that supports women’s right to a abuse-free life.

Gathering moments from the 13th Edition of the Gender Equality Festival

festivalul egalitatii de gen

      After a month from the final activities of the 13th Edition of the Gender Equality Festival, we’re still getting praises and positive feedback from the people that attended the festival, as guests, volunteers or participants.   We’re glad our message reached so many people and that each age category we addressed – kids, teens, parents – had a different perspective on our activities.  Moreover, they kept the… read more

Gender Equality Festival, how was the 13th edition?

It’s a wrap for the 13th Edition of the Gender Equality Festival held by A.L.E.G in Sibiu, between 11-13 October. The lively event bottled up the energy of more than 40 volunteers, gathered life lessons from notable guests like Romanian authors & feminists Andreea Paul & Mihaela Miroiu, international artists like Dan Perjovschi, and filled the city streets with both joyful and educational activities designed for a diverse audience that consisted of teachers and school councils, future journalists and high school students. Changing mentalities and fighting stereotypes is our superpower!

It’s More Than a Festival, See Why!

festivalul egalitatii de gen

Even though Sibiu is known for its many local and international festivals, the Gender Equality Festival is one of a kind. Those who didn’t have the chance to meet us by now should know that it’s more than a festival, it’s an experience that helps you grow.

Borrow a person & find out his life story! See you at our Human Library!

Biblioteca Vie

Within the 2018 Gender Equality Festival, A.L.E.G. hosts the Human Library Event that gathers people from the art, medical, business, education domains, authors and activists ready to answer all your questions on Saturday, 13 October, 5 p.m., at the Habitus Library, Sibiu.

The Human Library is not a new concept, being an interactive project created in 2000 in Denmark, having as a sole purpose to change people’s perceptions on stereotypes and preconceptions.

God, It’s me, Mary and I don’t want them to take my family away!



It’s me, Mary, one of the 3 million Romanian women that occasionally deal with physical and sexual abuse. Some daily, rather than on occasions. And it’s not coming from some stranger or degenerate raised by gay parents. In my case, it was my husband, a “nice” boy that grew up in a family so traditional that his mom would give his dad all her earned money, without excuse.

The Gender Equality Festival is back, don’t miss it! 11-13 October

Festivalul Egalitatii de GEN

The Association of Liberty and Gender Equality – A.L.E.G. shatters gender stereotypes for the 13th year in a row through the Gender Equality Festival, taking place in Sibiu between 11-13 October. This year’s theme is about bridging the “communication gap between generations” by which we intend to open taboo topics related to gender equality and change young people’s perceptions about them.

Join the Survivors’ Network

Survivors’ Forum, the first national forum in Romania dedicated to women who have experienced domestic violence, took place on March 7th in Bucharest. Watch here the video of the event. Over 50 women who were interested to meet other survivors and share their own stories about overcoming abuse responded to our invitation. Participants coming from Bucharest, Iaşi, Cluj, Braşov, Sibiu, Craiova, Lupeni, Timişoara interacted with great interest and demonstrated that… read more

Sibiu Marathon 2018 – Running for ”I talk to my child about abuse”

Good news! Our project, I talk to my child about abuse, has been accepted to be one of the 25 causes that you can run for at 2018 Sibiu International Marathon! Recent statistics show that, in Romania, 6 children are sexually abused every day. 1 in 6 boys and 1 in 4 girls will face some form of sexual abuse before the age of 18. Beyond stats, this is also confirmed by the from stories entrusted… read more